R.I.P. Pistol Patch. Cheers to You

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I read today that we have lost our Leader, Mentor and Friend Patrick Hollingdale aka Pistol Patch.
I don't really know what to say. I am completely in shock. I got to know Pat thru this site. I decided to brew using the BIAB method and who better to learn from then one of the innovators of the process. I worked my way up here to be honored with being named a moderator. Eventhough we lived on opposite sides of the planet, I worked the midnight shift and got to chat with Pat almost nightly for some time. I drifted away from brewing for a while, but am close to being able to hop back into the hobby. Unfortunately Pat won't be here to be a part of it. Pistol will be in my thoughts with each and every brew to come.
Cheers, Prost, Rest in Peace my friend.
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Re: R.I.P. Pistol Patch. Cheers to You

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Thanks for posting this Lumpy. It needed to be done, and been several days now. It is never fun coming up with the words... I was really struggling with this.

It was six years ago this month (July, 2014, while vacationing / dropping my daughter off for college in Florida) that I was extensively perusing the beer blogs, trying to figure out the best next step to upgrade from extract brewing and go whole grain. The extremely well written posts of PistolPatch convinced me to upgrade to the BIAB process. Then further advice of PistolPatch and others on this site gave advice on equipment, along with more advice on brewing...reviewing my BIABacuses and first brews to help me do better in future. Pat was always willing to spend time to help others.

Back in Florida, visiting daughter and son in law as I am writing this... Seems like longer than six years.

Pat will be missed. He had a major impact on the brewing community, one of the key pioneers that developed the BIAB Process and Is the person most responsible for making it popular in the world. He was always willing to spending time helping others.
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