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Welcome mkrist.

I guess a pharmacist could look at the brewing process like compounding a dosage form. After all, beer is good for your health (mostly). ;)

There is a lot of knowledge on this site, but you will have to spend time looking for some of the subjects. Read the threads that interest you (check the INDEX at upper left) and ask questions if you have any. Alternatively, you can use the SEARCH magnifying glass (upper right) and browse that way.

As for a yeasty off-flavor, consider the fermentation conditions as one possible source, including the total time involved. Pitching temperature has an impact on the initial yeast population growth and strength = what starts the whole package after it gets going. Low & slow is better than too warm and fast. The temperature conditions during fermentation (including a small exotherm) also play a part. I have had an airlock start bubbling in less than 8 hours and take as long as 36 hours (not a leak) to start. They both turned out OK.
I usually rack to a secondary fermenter (wide-mouth glass carboy) between day 6 and 9 and then wait another week before considering it finished. Check the density (Specific Gravity) when you think it is finished, wait 2 days and check it again. If it dropped 2 points then check it again in two more days. After the major part of fermentation has slowed to a crawl, the yeast needs several days to "clean up" what are still process intermediates hanging around. And it is different for every type of yeast!! :argh:
Start fermentation (ales) with low temperatures (~17 ºC) and give it time, then you might warm it slowly to near 20 ºC for a few days and maybe cool again at the finish. If you bottle the beer (not keg) a very cold "cold crash" can reduce the level of yeast you need for carbonation in the bottle making it take longer than normal to get ready to drink. Temperature after packaging is another thing.

Conversion in the mash is related to volumes of water, pH, time and temperature, grain crush size, the thread count of your BIAB bag and maybe more that I don't remember right now.

That's enough variables to think about and do experiments for many batches. Relax, you will get beer, eventually. Keep good notes!

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Hi Fellow Brewers,

I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, and I am a long time (~15 years) brewer....sometimes extract and sometimes all grain, the latter with a 3 vessel setup. I stumbled across this site searching for a way to simplify my brewing process and make outstanding beer while shortening my brew day. I have made a lot of beer, with some that unfortunately went down the drain because, I think, the water chemistry was not right or the wort got infected. I have made many ales and lagers, and even mead and wine, I have learned a lot to say the least. I plan to concentrate on beer now. I love this site and hope to learn from it and other brewers; the site is well organized and jam packed with information. I am a retired Electrical Engineer/Department Manager and now after a 40 year working career I finally have the time to devote to making some great beer. When I learn how I will include a picture of my current brew rig setup, and an image showing my objective - Brewing in a Basket, in a Keggle. In other words I want to brew in a single vessel (a converted beer keg) for the mash, sparge, and boil/hop using a stainless steel mesh grain basket. I am in the process of modifying my brew rig now. I have a lot of questions, primarily regarding the grain basket, before I have that fabricated. Hopefully I will find others who have gone down this path successfully that can give me some tips. My basic approach is to 1) modify my brew rig to a single vessel one with a hoist and a custom made grain basket, 2) learn how to correctly prepare the liquor chemistry for the type of beer I'm brewing, and 3) Zero in on the best brewing efficiency I can using this setup. I'll stop here and ask my questions of anyone replying that has direct experience with Brewing in a Basket, in a Keggle. Thanks in advance to anyone that made it to the end of my long first post, and for any advice and tips you can share. Cheers, Mike
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Hello Mike,

Welcome to the site!

I have not brewed with a keggle, and have never used a brew basket. My son uses a brew basket, as do certainly it works. No idea on if it works as well as the bag that most of us use. His gets much more sediment than I do. Many folks use a keggle. I have a Bayou Classic brew kettle with gallon markings on the side - which I find very useful...except their measurements are slightly wrong and I have to have a cheat sheet to help correct it. Checking remaining volume could be a little more challenging with a keggle, but using a yard stick to check remaining contents rather than reading number on the side should be fairly easy...

With using the BIABacus file to help plan and conduct a brew session is super helpful! When using it we check things such volume in the pot at different times, along at checking gravity at certain points. These are like “check points” to me that can give me an indication if something is off course, so that I can take corrective action mid brew.

I would recommend checking out the BIABacus file along with the Clear Brewing Terminology Page on this site. CBT explains the terminology and helps connect the dots. Being an engineer, no doubt you will like these.

BIABacus File:

Let us know how it goes, plus if you have any questions..
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Gday All,
My name is Nick, I’m from Melbourne, Australia.
I found a link to this site In an article I was reading on Brulosophy.
Pretty happy I came across it as there seems to be heaps of info, that will come in handy.
I’m still a newbie at this stage I have bottles 2 extract brews and have 1 batch bottle conditioning at the moment.
I’m looking at getting into all grain brewing and BIAB seems to be a great way to get into it.
Cheers and happy brewing,

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Howdy everyone. Obviously a new member. I'm actually just beginning my journey having never brewed beer before!

1. Where are you from?
Currently in Australia but from the US.
2. How did you stumble across the site?
A friend of mine who's been brewing for quite a while is a big fan of the site After checking that site out there's an old post about BIAB that references this site as a great source of info about BIAB ( ... very-easy/).
3. What you think of it so far?
I'm fairly new and thus haven't seen too much just yet, however some reading has already helped with prepping for my first mini BIAB.
4. Have you brewed at all before. If so, for how long and what method are you currently using?
Nope, looking forward to my first time in the next 2-3 weeks.
5. Do you work? Are you retired or maybe you run a household?
Work full time, so this is my soon-to-be new weekend hobby.

Thanks in advance for any future help and looking forward to getting deeper into the hobby and possibly contributing/helping future new members.
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Hello @Jonah15 and @brew.noob

Welcome to the forum! There are some recommendations with the BIABacus and terminologies section, a few posts up.

Let us know what questions you have... Definitely having the right equipment is import. There is much help already listed on here in different places and if you have any specific questions go ahead and ask.
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Hi all ~ returning brewer after 20 years lapse.
Used to brew with a 10 gallon boiler and numerous plastic buckets, but I'm now attracted to brewing with a Peco 5 gallon boiler (and fermenting bin) BIAB.
Two brews under my belt with this system.
Can't believe how much good info there is now ~ info was in very short supply when I last brewed (pre-internet)
Cheers! :drink:

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Hello @biabolo ,

Welcome to the forum, from another guy that used to brew and took...about 16 years off. My previous brewing was all extract and was decent but not great. Coming back to brewing much older I started again with extract and it was better but I wanted better yet...and wanted Pilsners to look like Pilsners. I made the upgrade to full volume BIAB and 67 batches, 4 years ago and the beer quality was a big upgrade. Very high quality.

I gave some recommendations to someone a couple posts up and feel they apply here to. Please review and see if they help you too. And let us know how it goes. :luck:
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