Old (!) wort as starter?

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Hi, at my last brew a couple of months ago, I saved about 1.5 litres of wort in a PET-bottle to use as a yeast starter. The plan was to freeze it and use it later.

Well, I forgot to freeze it and its been standing in a wardrobe in our outside shed. The temperature has been between 10-30 c and its been there for about two months.

Do you think I can use it?
thank you both of you, I will taste it and smell it!

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What does it smell like? taste? is the PET bottle under any pressure?

It may be infected, but if it smelled ok & tasted ok I would be tempted to boil it for a while, cool then use as a starter


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[Can't believe it. mally wrote the above while I was writing the below :)]

Joco, edit your post with a tick after reading the below for two reasons...

1. I am going to answer your question in one post :P.

2. Pretty soon, admin here are going o be cracking down on the instructions given in this thread. (Good thinking really there about ticking a question once it is answered - and, time-saving!!!)

Okay Joco, your wort will be fine to use in a starter if it smells and tastes okay. That is the answer.

I pitched yeast onto a brew a few days ago that I boiled up around 18 months ago and had no-chilled. I smelled and tasted before I pitched and all was good.

This is the same as what you want to do Joco. Smelling and tasting answers other questions as well such as, "Is my slurried or washed yeast still okay?" or, "Is my beer okay/"

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