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I read through the BIAB Bible in this forum and descided to have a crack at my first BIAB, FA Kikinda Pils, a german Pilsner.

I purchased a 60lt Crab Cooker from a local camping outlet as well as a 104000BTU gas burner. My beautiful partner sewed up a voil bag and Presto! I'm away!
I added some s/s bolts to the basket to keep it off the bottom of the pot
Here is the bag pegged in place. The top of the bag goes down between the basket and pot side to prevent it burning if I need to fire up the burner to maintain mash temp
I purchased the milled grains from LHBS
Time to pour in the grain and extract the golden nectar!!
After a 90 min mash I sparged with 4 lt of mash temp water to get all of the goodness out of the grains. This took about 30 minutes. I fired the burner up and bought the pot to the boil.
A 90 minute boil, added hops and no-chill of the wort. I did a 1.5lt starter bottle with 200g of DLME and Saflager yeast. Pitched it the next day and it is bubbling away like a champion!

I will post the taste test results when its done.
Here is the recipe:
Fa Kickinda Pils (German Pilsner (Pils))

Original Gravity (OG): 1.047
Final Gravity (FG): 1.012
Alcohol (ABV): 4.62 %
Colour (SRM): 3.9 (EBC): 7.7
Bitterness (IBU): 35.2 (Average)

90.01% Pilsner
9.99% Munich I

0.5 g/L Chinook (11.4% Alpha) @ 60 Minutes (Boil)
0.3 g/L Citra (11.1% Alpha) @ 60 Minutes (Boil)
0.6 g/L Saaz (3.6% Alpha) @ 15 Minutes (Boil)
0.8 g/L Citra (11.1% Alpha) @ 5 Minutes (Boil)
1.2 g/L Saaz (3.6% Alpha) @ 5 Minutes (Boil)

0.2 g/L Whirlfloc Tablet @ 15 Minutes (Boil)

Single step Infusion at 64°C for 90 Minutes. Boil for 90 Minutes

Fermented at 18°C with Saflager W-34/70

Notes: 4lt @ 64c sparge through grain.
1.5lt ldme water yeast starter

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Great post and pics SCB :salute:,

That is an excellent and very sensible use of a bag and basket :clap: and love your legs :lol:. I think a few urn brewers would benefit from such a set-up as their pots are usually tall and narrow which means when they pull the bag, it can have a syringe effect.

It may seem counter-intuitive and contradict some colloquial things you have read but if you can fit all the water you will need for your brew into the mash then throw it in the mash. In the above recipe, you sparged with 4 L. If your kettle was big enough you could have put that 4 L into the mash with no downside and this saves you a lot of work :party:. (A search on this site for 'washing machine' might explain this in more detail.)

Was just having a look at your recipe - Fa Kickinda Pils. Firstly, no need to swear :lol:. Still can't get that rolling off the tongue :). There are a few things worrying in that recipe. None of the ingredients fit with a German Pils nor does the fermentation temperature. It's a really weird recipe as far as I can tell but I think it could taste pretty good :interesting:.

Once again, "goodonya",
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Nice one :thumbs:

But your recipe, as PP mentioned, is not fitting the "German Pilsener" style. 100% Pilsener Malt, maybe some Caramalt, hops are wrong at all. Saaz would fit for the czech style. Yeast is not the best one if u want a dry Pilsener, for a malty one its ok. And your fermentationtemperature is much to high. Pilsener have to ferment very cold, lower than 10°C would be best. Otherwise you get to much yeasty flavours you really dont want in that style of beer.
BUT i guess its still gonna be a good beer, just dont call it "German Pilsener" ;)

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Thanks for the feed back guys. The data base only had one Pils in it so thats what I chose. Just looked at the recipe and the ferment temp is incorrect. I fermented it at 12 degC not the 18! Next lager I will lower it as Aries suggested.

I do realise that it is not exactly a german Pils due to my hop choice but isn't that what craft brewing is about?

I wanted to add a bit of a different flavour but still have a crisp clear beer.My initial tasting or the wort indicate it will be crisp and clean but with a little hop kick from the citra. Maybe it is not an exact "German Pilsner" more like a hybrid Pils.

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Check out the recipes on the forum. There are some really good brewers here that have posted recipes.

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