The Best Way to Start & Manage a New Topic

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IMPORTANT: We would ask that both experienced and inexperienced forum users read the following fully before creating new topics on

[center]The Best Way to Start & Manage a New Topic.[/center]
If you are a new brewer, you may find that there is so much information on the net, it can be very hard to know or find what information is relevant to your level of experience. Many experienced brewers well remember how confusing this can be. is very conscious of this.

For this reason, we would ask that you bear in mind the steps explained below. Don't be worried if you make mistakes. The moderators will help you if you send a Private Message to them or will contact you if they see you are having difficulties with your posting.

Before Starting a New Topic

Use either of the three search tools (acessible on the top bar of all pages of to see whether your question has been answered before. How to use the Search features is explained more fully in The Best Way to Find Quality Information on Consider asking your question by adding a post to an existing topic rather than creating your own but you should not feel compelled to do this.

If you can't easily find your answer then follow the steps below to create the topic.

Creating the New Topic

1. Consider what section of is appropriate for your question or discussion. See Site Structure - Where to be Formal & Where to Relax for more information on this.

2. Consider carefully the wording of your topic title especially in more formal sections. This will not only help you get responses, it will also enable your topic to be found easily in the future using the search functions - bear in mind this is heavily used as an information site. Creating a topic title called, "Help!" is not an appropriate topic title when you really mean, "What burner should I buy?". The latter is an appropriate topic title although a search for the word, "burner," should be done before starting such a topic.

3. Give as much detail as you can. For example, if you created the topic, "What burner should I buy?" you should indicate what size and type of kettle you intend to use and whether you intend to brew outside or in a garage for example.

4. Consider using the Topic Icons with a ? if you are asking a question or a an i (for information) if you are posting information about how to do something or perhaps an upcoming brewing event.

Managing the Topic

Reply to the topic once you have been given a reasonable answer or answers that solve your problem. This let's other brewers know their advice has been helpful and that you have been looked after. There is no need to thank people individually unless just a few people reply before you get your answer. allows the editing of posts. One major reason for this is that it gives the original poster (known as the OP) the opportunity to edit their first post with the answer they have decided to act upon. Doing this, not only acknowledges those who have helped but also means that future readers of the topic, need only read the first post to find the best answer to your question.

So, using our burner example, you may end up editing your first post with something like...

I have decided to buy a three ring camping burner as it is cheap and quiet. The 4 ring burner would be too large for my pot and the rambo burner would be too loud for my neighbours :D. Thanks for all your help below.
Make sure, while editing your post, that you mark it with a tick now that your question is answered to your satisfaction.


IMPORTANT: We would ask that both experienced and inexperienced forum users read the above fully before creating new topics on
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