FAQ: What brewing software should I Use?

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[center]FAQ: What brewing software should I use?[/center]

BIABrewer.info has provided The Calculator to help you get started. It is very simple and will get any brewer under way with confidence.

[center]ADMIN NOTE: A Pre-Release Version of The BIABacus is now available. The BIABacus supersedes The Calculator. Despite currently only being in spreadsheet form, The BIABAcus has many revolutionary features that make it faster to learn, safer to use and more powerful, accurate and intuitive than any existing software.[/center]

Brewing software has a lot of advantages and should be seriously considered at some stage. There is a lot of brewing software on the net. Three trusted and respected programs are...

Beersmith: This is probably the most widely used software amongst homebrewers. Brad Smith is the creator of BeerSmith and puts a trememndous amount of effort into the BeerSmith site. It is well worth subscribing to the Beersmith podcast and blog.

ProMash: This software is also wideley used in the homebrewing community. It has been around for a long time and has developed many fans. Like BeerSmith, this program comes with a free evaluation period. Try both evaluations before making your final decision on buying a program.

BeerAlchemy: This is another great program with a wonderful interface. The software though is only available for Mac users. A subsidiary of this program is, "BrewAlchemy Touch." This is software for your mobile phone that syncs with your Mac and allows you to create recipes whilst on the move - a feature that many brewers will love.

As BIABrewer.info develops, we will try to provide some clear tutorials on how to use brewing software. It can be a little confusing in the beginning.

If you have questions regarding this topic, feel free to start new topics in this forum.
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