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Pretty much done with my keezer, I'm proud of 'er. My first time doing any woodworking or even manly and crafty stuff :p. Still need to decide on a drip-tray, and do some final tubing-management on the inside. I'll take more pictures later.

Racked over a doppelbock I've been lagering for 5 months, damn is it good. I drank an entire glass of it uncarbonated. Also put an IPA on gas. Can't wait until they're carbonated!

I have room inside for 5 kegs, or four and a carboy or some bottles. My setup for now is to have two tapped while two are conditioning on gas, then rotate as need be. I did leave room for two more taps, unsure if I'll ever add them.
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Great Job! The next time I am in town I will stop by! Keep that baby fill up with your good beer and you will never be lonely. Bored maybe but not lonely!
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I like the handles :)

I have a keg fridge with room for 4 kegs and two taps...

Ummm... I'm adding two more taps ;)

Now I need another fridge to cold-condition the kegs which aren't tapped! Good thing you can fit in a fifth!
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Good on you jak! It's not easy doing these one-off projects even if you do have the tools, experience and machinery. :clap:

The T-bar handles are a great idea and I don't think I have ever seen this before?

As for you needing more taps, you will :whistle:.

But, there is another way around this. I'm not sure what the right answer is so will start a new thread on it here.

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Well what most people do is attach the collar to the base of the freezer, and have the lid functioning as normal. I got the idea from, there are 5 or 6 worklogs doing it the same way I did. I think there are many pros, the major being having the extra height from the collar, taps/shanks and liquid hoses all raised up and out of the way when you're lugging kegs in and out. I'm a little weakling, I'd for sure place my keg down on a hose full of beer and make a mess if I did that. The cons are that you have a lot of added weight to the lid. My hinges can keep it open with no problem, but I think the handles are pretty necessary. I also added the handles so I wouldn't wear out the liquid-nails connecting the lid and collar.

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I have just finished my keezer project :champ:
Here is a pic, it's a really crucial bit of kit IMO for getting that all important carb and temp just right.

I'm thinking of building a fermentation chamber next to it with a 4" vented hose running from the cooler into the top of the chamber. It should feed enough cold air to keep the temperature at a natural 13-15 deg to produce a more lager like kolsch? What do you think?

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Couldn't see the pic kmmacker?

I'd go with the ferm chamber. A crucial peice of equipment imho.
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Still no pic Kmmacker :scratch:

Have you tried following this guide I wrote?

To post a picture you need to reply to the post. Then if you look below where you type your text you will see an area called "upload attachment".
under "filename" click the "browse" button. Navigate to where the file is stored on your PC. Select it then click "open".
The filename will now appear next to the browse button.
Below this is a "file comment" box which you can type in to add text/description of your picture etc.
To the left of this is a box "add the file", click on this and the file will be uploaded to the BIABrewer server (nearly finished now)! :shock:

You should see the file has been added to the list below where you just typed. You should also see in the "attachments" line directly below your main text the file you just added with a button "place inline"

Navigate back to your main text, and click the place inline button where you want the picture to be located (beginning/end/between text) etc.

Click on preview button to ensure you have correctly detailed what you want, then either correct or submit.
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Ahh my files are too big...I will have to have a jiggle around and get this sorted.

Sorry won't get onto it today but will show completed keezer and my new brew bench boiler etc!

Have a good day guys
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