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I need some advice and local knowledge please.

My son has just started a 3 year contract at NSW university and is just settling in.

He has shown interest in home brewing while he is there, first with kits and then moving onto BIAB once he is comfortable with the basics.

I have looked online and found Daves brew store who will supply a starter kit and deliver it (he has no transport yet). Does anyone have any preferred suppliers who offer a similar service or any helpful advice to help him on his way.

Thanks fellas

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If I had my time again, I would avoid canned kits and start with Fresh Wort Kits (FWK's) instead. They are easier/simpler and are made from proper all-grain wort. This will teach your son the basics of fermnentaion and guarantee him a great beer with the only downside being that they are more expensive. I personally never brewed a canned kit beer that I liked and cans made me give up brewing three times. I have tasted two excellent ones brewed by mates in the last five years but both these were fermented at very high fermentation temperatures - it just didn't make any sense at all :roll:.

There are a lot of great brewers in Sydney. Send me a PM and I'll let you know if I know of a club in his area.

I don't know what home brew shops in Sydney are great. Mark's Home Brew in Newcastle, north of Sydney, will give great advice but I'm not sure on the cost of freighting FWK's.

Hopefully someone else can help out.

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Thanks for the reply PP

I will pass on the info when I next speak to him. My aim would be for the best beer I could produce but he maybe more concerned with cost to start with! I will attempt to "encourage" him to make the correct choice!

I'll check out the link you posted as well as Daves Brew Store who stock a variety of FWK's and hopefully get him up and running as soon as possible. If/when he gets the brewing bug I'll be taking up the offer for any advice on local brewing clubs.

Once again, thanks!
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I buy from Daves and he is a helpful bloke and your son can get there by public transport assuming he is in one of the on campus colleges. Dave's is in a group of shops under North Sydney Oval. Your son can get there by bus to central then train to north Sydney. He could walk or bus it from there up Miller st.
I agree with the FWK's make a good beer, but nothing wrong with kits, especially if he is nervous about making a mistake. FWK's are more expensive, than a can of Coopers Ale extract.

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I've been in to Dave's a few times and he is excellent. Super helpful, offered to answer questions over phone, email whatever and even troubleshoot my beers if the first couple tasted off and I wanted some pointers. Would recommend for someone starting out as he can set you up with everything you need.

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Where is he living? If he's Inner West then he'd be as well off contacting ESB brewing at Peakhurst. Dave is good and helpful as well.

Marks Home Brew doesn't do fresh wort kits, but for general freight they are in a good freight zone for Sydney using Fastway Couriers, and I know that Mark does sell a heap to Sydney brewers.

For smaller orders under 3 kg such as yeasts, hops and specialty grains Craftbrewer in Brisbane deliver just as cheaply to me here near Taree as when I lived in Brisbane. Worth checking out the rates via Fastway Satchel to Sydney.
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