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I'm not a scientist either - that's why I'm not willing to risk it.. might not cause any problems today, but maybe in 20 years?

I wonder if the same is true for the biab bag and the no-chill cube???

When I posted I started writing in gallons, then I realized that most people here talk in litres (which quite frankly as a Canadian I am more comfortable with), but obviously didn't change the title completely. In the end I did not end up doing it this way - I did two batch back to back, made for a ...

I was thinking more along the lines of ensuring that any disolved sugars that haven't completely drained out of the grain may be washed out a bit but running more water over it. I'm not sure exactly how I will pull this off mind you - I'm wondering if I can get a strainer the diameter of my brew pot...

Thanks - I plan on brewing tomorrow - I do not have a seperate vessel to heat the water in. What I am wondering is if I should attempt to run the room temperature water through the grain to get any extra sugar out?

45L batch in 60L pot

I am hoping to do a 45L batch in a 60L pot - based on the setup volumes spreadsheet the required volume is 65.72 L - Can I plan to hold back 10L (or so..) when mashing and then add it back prior to boiling?

If I do, I should I just add the water in as is, or should I do a sparge with it?


Hop bags, boil time..

Hi, I'm still trying to figure out my evaporation rate, so my thought is to boil my wort until I get to the right volume (should be somewhere between 60 and 90 min)... the only problem I have is with the hop schedule... and on this I am wondering about using hop bags... If I put hops in a bag @ 90 m...

I would have thought it would be ok with the head - I've seen a few brew pots made from buckets (Bucket-o-death I think is the term...) Perhaps I'll try boiling water and tossing it in the bucket ove...

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