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Re: BIABacus Pre-Release - Your First Impressions

:thumbs: you and the team have done some great work Pat. Starting out 1.5 years ago straight into all grain biab with limited experience brewing with a neighbor 10 years prior. This site and the members have provided a wealth of knowledge for me and I've been able to make some great beers using the ...

thanks for posting, it came out great tasting. already brewed this again with late additions of Citra hops to make it a hoppier wheat. it's sitting in the keezer now carbing up. I'll have to try that Snidey Weiss next maybe

stux wrote:

As in a simple calculator, an abacus

Snappy and includes BIAB ;)
So... that was when the name was born. I learn more and more reading all these posts
Kudos stux

So, from what I can find here in the recipe forums no one has posted a saison BIABacus recipe or did my search not find a hidden one?

Brew evening went fairly well for this first timer I think. Once I figured out that the first propane tank I grabbed must have a bad fitting allowing very low gas feed and switched tanks the heating up got under way. IMG_1510.JPG IMG_1509.JPG The only issue I had was trying to simmer at mash temp so...

I love this, my OCD is overrun with what to do. Ok, WLP002 yeast requires how many cells to make this brew awesome? I was planning on this step later as I had hoped to use either dry or WYeast packs first but, boom!, here I arrive. I'm pretty technical in nature so this will only propel my first bre...

thanks for posting that link Rick, I'm going to change to the hops listed in that recipe. I had Cascade available and on beersmith it was listed as a substitute. I'll save them for a single hop brew later.

Here we go

for starters I'm working off a Beer Smith Wookey Jack clone. I put all the information :I think: correctly into the BIABacus. The starting point of water in brew kettle is SWN correct? then how does TWN figure into the equation and does it matter? I'm not planning on any scaling either or should I h...

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