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Hi Scott
Thanks for taking the time to talk to me! Yes I read quite a lot of PP's post's yesterday after searching the forums, (they are very informative and extensive, (thanks PP too!)). Which is one of the reasons I'm going to try NRB's Amarillo APA first up. I think I've got my head around the BIABacus spreadsheet: entering my kettle size (35cm dia. and 35cm height) and adjust the VIF (lots of new acronyms to learn!) which adjusts the grain bill. I thought about trying a small batch first, around 24 (0.5l) bottles (approx. 12l VIP) that I have standing empty (never a good thing!). Do you think the recipe will scale OK for this?
I have actually managed to order some malts which are pretty close to the EBCs listed, although they have a range: eg. Munich 1 is 15-25 EBC (19 in recipe). I have taken this as 20 for the substitutions column in part C of the spreadsheet. Is this sensible as well, or will I get a better figure on the packaging when it arrives? The Amarillo hops are 8.4 AA% (not 9.5%) but I guess you get natural variations year to year, which have to be adjusted for (done by the spreadsheet, nice). So I'm really just hoping it all arrives before the weekend, but who knows at the minute!
Cheers for the link, I'll spend some time reading through - looks like a bit of a minefield adapting other people's recipes!
Thanks again
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Hello @mk1

Yes your methodology seems sound. Malt producers normally have a range of color and I always guess in the middle. You are unlikely to get more info in your shipment, but who knows...

Yes hop AA always changes. Even same year different field the same variety can be different. I would run with the full volume and go with it... That’s what I did, when new at this. Actually my first BIAB run I did two large batches, and I would not recommend that (made for a super long day :cry: ).

And one more thing. For questions like this on a batch, best thing is to go ahead and post the question on the BIAB for new brewers section, a new post, so that it can be found easier later by others. There will be other newbies that can value by your questions and answers to the questions.
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Hi all!

I'm an American that started brewing about 6 or 7 months ago when my local garden nursery was going out of business and had everything in their store at 50% off. This included a Brewers Best starter kit and a couple of extract kits that I decided on a whim to pick it up cheap. Now that I've gone down that rabbit hole I can definitely say it was not a cheap decision to start brewing, but it's been an enjoyable one.

I've brewed 8 or 9 five gallon batches to this point (2 BIAB and the rest extract), all of which I've been pleased with aside from the two that I picked up originally on sale. I'm really looking forward to hopefully learning a lot more from the members of this site and eventually sharing some of what I've learned to date.

I've had a lot more time to brew lately since I've been home a lot more these last couple of months and I'd like to try different recipes in smaller batches (still trying to decide between 1 gallon and 2.5 gallons). Anyways I'm looking forward to conversing with everyone and gaining additional knowledge about my newest hobby.

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Eric here, I'm in Phoenix, AZ, USA. I've been brewing about 18yrs now. Just last year converted over to a eBIAB system. I've had issues with efficiency that I'm struggling to work out. found this site doing some research to correct that issue. I've downloaded the calc and will give it a shot to see if it helps me out. Looks like a pretty good site from the little bit of looking around I've done.
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