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I've not been brewing much over the last three years, I appreciate this place is very much a ghost town again, but I dusted off the BIAB sheet and got to brewing!

I'm sure salty liquorice milk stouts aren't up everyones streets, however a friend of mine is very much into them.

We knocked up this batch using a previous milk stout recipe we used for making a roasted cocao & coconut (bounty bar!) stout recipe.

I've just kegged it up and am force carbonating it.

Re: Glad the forum is back up - Salty Liquorice Milk Stout

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Probably should add the recipe.

I made the samiak extract by disolving a pack of samiak sweets in mash water before adding back to the boil in the last 10 minutes.

[center]BIABacus Pre-Release 1.3T RECIPE REPORT[/center]
[center]BIAB Recipe Designer, Calculator and Scaler.[/center]
[center](Please visit for the latest version.)[/center]
[center]Kris's Salty Milk Stout[/center]

Recipe Overview

Brewer: Ester Arwet
Style: Stout
Source Recipe Link:
ABV: 4.7% (assumes any priming sugar used is diluted.)

Original Gravity (OG): 1.049
IBU's (Tinseth): 30
Bitterness to Gravity Ratio: 0.61
Colour: 83.5 EBC = 42.4 SRM

Kettle Efficiency (as in EIB and EAW): 82.9 %
Efficiency into Fermentor (EIF): 71 %

Note: This is a Multi-Step Mash - See 'Mash Steps' Below

Times and Temperatures

Mash: 80 mins at 67 C = 152.6 F
Boil: 60 min
Ferment: 14 days at 18 C = 64.4 F

Volumes & Gravities
(Note that VAW below is the Volume at Flame-Out (VFO) less shrinkage.)
The, "Clear Brewing Terminology," thread at

Total Water Needed (TWN): 32.66 L = 8.63 G
Volume into Boil (VIB): 29.86 L = 7.89 G @ 1.038
Volume of Ambient Wort (VAW): 22.17 L = 5.86 G @ 1.049
Volume into Fermentor (VIF): 19 L = 5.02 G @ 1.049
Volume into Packaging (VIP): 17.59 L = 4.65 G @ 1.012 assuming apparent attenuation of 75 %

The Grain Bill (Also includes extracts, sugars and adjuncts)

Note: If extracts, sugars or adjuncts are not followed by an exclamation mark, go to (needs link)

82% Maris Otter Pale Ale Malt (4.5 EBC = 2.3 SRM) 3630 grams = 8 pounds
7.7% Fawcett Pale Chocolate Malt (560 EBC = 284.3 SRM) 340 grams = 0.75 pounds
2.6% English Extra Dark Crystal (340 EBC = 172.6 SRM) 114 grams = 0.25 pounds
7.7% Weyermann Carafa III (1300 EBC = 659.9 SRM) 340 grams = 0.75 pounds

The Hop Bill (Based on Tinseth Formula)

19.8 IBU Galena Pellets (13.2%AA) 13 grams = 0.459 ounces at 60 mins
10.2 IBU Galena Pellets (13.2%AA) 8.7 grams = 0.306 ounces at 30 mins

Mash Steps

Mash Type: Multi-Step Mash - First Step: Saccharifiaction for 80 mins at 67 C = 152.6 F

Strike Water Needed (SWN): 33.3 L = 8.8 G 67.6 C = 153.7 F
for 10 mins at 76.7 C = 170.06 F

Miscellaneous Ingredients

0.86 Protofloc (Boil T-10) Mins

Chilling & Hop Management Methods

Fermentation & Conditioning

Fermentation: Safale S-04 for 14 days at 18 C = 64.4 F

Secondary Used: Y
Crash-Chilled: N
Filtered: N

Serving Temp: 13 C = 55.4 F
Condition for 14 days.
Consume within 12 months.

Special Instructions/Notes on this Beer

Re: Glad the forum is back up - Salty Liquorice Milk Stout

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Wow, that's some recipe. I have strayed somewhat from Reinheitsgebot but not as far as you.
True salty licorice is an acquired taste. I had some in Amsterdam and a Dutch relative can get the good stuff, but most of what is available in U.S. stores is crap by comparison. I think the Salty Liquorice Milk Stout might be interesting to try, but not a regular brew for me. Credit goes to you for being so bold and thanks for sharing.
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