First BIAB Light Blonde Ale

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Hey PeopleKind

my first BIAB this morning
I used a recipe for a Light Blonde Ale (but added some Crystal Wheat by mistake) and broke my Hydrometer during the boil.
anyways, things went easy enough.
I used the BIABacus to scale down the recipe so it would fit into my kettle. Everything seems to be working out, but I think my OG into Fermentor may be a bit low.
SG Pre Boil was 1.031, but it was then my hydrometer broke (my fault) so I removed about 450 ml of boiled wort and capped it.

Then I happened to find my OLD hydrometer. SG of wort after cooling 1.036.

what I liked A LOT about BIABacus, was it told me how many grams of grain to equal the SG of the original recipe. Made it VERY easy to replicate.
my numbers for volume were close to the defaulted guesses, except I forgot to measure headspace at the start of boil, so I just worked backwards from the known post boil Weight/volume to enter a guess.

I'm not sure what happened, but I squeezed the **** out of the bag, and ended up with 2+ ?? more liters VIF than calculated, and that is AFTER removing the 450ml

So now one of my BIG questions: I didn't measure volume, but weight, as I have a good scale. So, with 1.031 SG into the boil WEIGHT of 24.5KG, what would my volume be?
My research leads me to believe 1.031SG = 1.031grams per ml.
Therefore, my weight of 24.5kg at 1.031SG = 23.76KG/Liters VIB
VFO would be 20.22L

I need to mark my kettle with volumes.
Also, I don't know how to upload the .xls file


Re: First BIAB Light Blonde Ale

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Hello @nanukODahNort

Congratulations on the first BIAB! :champ: :thumbs:

The post screen, just below the Submit button you should see Options and Attachments. That is where it is.

It is getting late for me so running out of steam for the night. Certainly easier if you get proper measurements when brewing. I think of these as “Checkpoints”, like when navigating. And if we screw something up, which we all do from time to time, good documentation helps you to pinpoint the error (or for one of us to help you find the error).

Let us know how it works out!
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Re: First BIAB Light Blonde Ale

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Hey Brad,

Congratulations for doing the brew, and filling out the BIABacus file! :thumbs: I remember my first time, and feeling so overwhelmed!!! So many new acronyms.

I view much of the info, like the measurements of volumes, gravities, etc. are like "check points" when navigating. If you go off course, they help you to see where you went off course, and for next time - perhaps see where you can improve.

Here is a link to CBT - Clear Brewing Terminology - that should be helpful.

There is an illustration on the page that should help as well - think it is the 9th post down. Anyhow, the CBT page was very helpful to me.

And from a quick skim over your sheet. Looks okay; I did not see any problems. Efficiency looked a tad low, but no biggie. Great job for a first run. And if you want to get an estimate of the color of the final beer, you need to put the malt colors (EBC --- SRM) into the input and it will give you a color estimate of the final beer. All in all, good job! :salute:
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