FG discrepancy between BIABacus PR1.3T and PR1.3U

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Hey Gang,

I am about to brew a second batch of a Golden Strong Ale . My first batch was based on a recipe entered into BIABacus PR1.3T, and the second batch will be the same recipe but entered into PR1.3U. However, I am seeing a discrepancy between the 2 versions for the final gravity (as well as the predicted ABV). For PR1.3T, FG is 1.012 (7.8% ABV) while PR1.3U shows 1.018 (7.0% ABV). There is not much in terms of fermentables: 78.6% pils malt and 21.4% cane sugar -- for both versions, Section Y has been set for the cane sugar to FGDB = 100% and MC = 0%.

I've double checked all my entries into PR1.3U and they seem fine. Any ideas what might be causing the difference in FG?


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