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Hi there everyone :thumbs:

I'm glad to find this awesome site to learn more from BIAB brewing!!!
Let me answer some questions:
1. Where are you from?

A. I'm from Chiapas, Mexico. I'm a 75 model and still rolling baby!!! :luck:

2. How did you stumble across the site?

A. I always search on the web about BIAB, this time i found this link: so here i am, to learn more about BIAB

3. What you think of it so far?

A. I think it's really awesome, i can barely found info on BIAB on the web, and i think i can learn more here

4. Have you brewed at all before. If so, for how long and what method are you currently using?

A. Yes, i have been brewing since 2010, and the method i learn first was BIAB and still using it

5. Do you work? Are you retired or maybe you run a household?

A. Yes i work full time, and for now i brew on free time or weekends :peace:
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@PrivateWiddle: Welcome aboard Liam. My mother's side of the family came from Cork to Ozland but it was about 200 years ago so you may not know them :). Small batches can be trickier in some ways and easier in others. The scaling is easy with the BIABacus (looks scary but it's not really. Just ask for help if you get bewildered), it's more the measuring out of small amounts of yeast and hops, taking gravity readings etc but that's all easily overcome.

@pozolero: Welcome aboard to you too pozo. One of my sisters lived in Mexico for about 5 years. Between Liam above, yourself and me, it's a small world! Sorry it's taken so long for you to find the site. It was founded by the pioneers so you're in good hands here. The site is a bit messy but it's being worked on so just ask any questions if you can't find the info you're looking for.

If you have found the above or anything else of value on, consider supporting us by getting some BIPs!
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Hi My name is Peter

I live in NSW on the Central Coast

I found the site thru a Podcast the other day as ive been listening and watching lots of BIAB content.

This site looks awesome, not a very big forum type guy, get lots of ideas thru youtube and FB.

I was a rough as guts can brewer when i was younger because of cost and bang for your buck, then did can brewing but into kegs later as i got lazier. Stared doing can brewing but with better ingredients and a bit of temp control.

I work for myself in refrigeration.

I have a 40L Urn on order with some accessories and im hoping to do BIAB with a smash type recipe and "no chill", starting to get my old post mix kegs out and clen them up ready for better beer and less cleaning.
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Hello from Cheshire in England

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Hello all
First time All Grain ,and therefore first time BIAB, here. I've done many home brew kits and so have the basic equipment. Now looking to buy bigger pots , make a big bag and possibly a buy a large coolbox.
Great site I look forward to learning from you guys and contributing where I can.

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Hello @Moorey and @sockgoblin,

Welcome both of you to the BIAB forum!

There is a ton of excellent information hidden in all the different posts and answers on this site. I would start in the BIAB for new brewers section, even if you have considerable brewing experience. It would be the place to start, and good place to come back and re-review again as time goes along. Other pages have good additional info for sure...

Let us know if there are any questions.
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Hi All,

I'm Johan from Newcastle in KZN, South Africa and obviously I love beer. The craft breweries popping up all over SA have been spoiling the commercial stuff for me. Thus my decision to get into home brewing.

I'm still collection equipment for my first brew. I'm planning to do an all grain IPA using the BIAB method. I'm currently researching and learning as much as I can, which is how I stumbled on this forum referred to in

Happy brewing!

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Welcome, ZacharyCosta.

This is the place to learn. Please see the Clear Brewing Terminology page so that we can use the same language.

Then read lots. Read this forum, read other forums, read and collect recipes that sound interesting to you. Over time you will see that you have certain preferences and some others of your saved recipes will never get brewed. The favored ingredients list from those good recipes might get narrower or it might explode. Either way, you will be learning. Pay attention to what you think you like about any new beers you taste. After some brewing experience you will figure out how to modify your own technique to make beer you really enjoy. :drink:

Ask questions.
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Hi, my name is Jon and I live in beautiful rural new Zealand. I heard about this site and BIAB while listening to the Beersmith podcast #10 from 2011. I have recently become interested in brewing and have just brewed my first kit homebrew - about to prime and bottle this coming weekend (fingers crossed it's fit for human consumption :drink: ). I really like the idea of all grain brewing and BIAB is appealing as I only have the basic "starter" equipment. Very interested in learning as much as I can from this website. I am in my early fifties, married and have 3 young energetic kids.

Looking forward to embark on this journey....


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