well it happened again

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we all know that we take meticulous notes when we brew

we know this because when we do not, it never fails, but, we brew a fantastic beer we cannot relicate.

So for her birthday, every year my wife has me brew up what I call a Desert Honey Ale.

it is just a normal american style red ale with Honey I source locally, usually I help a few neighbors get rid of a wild bee hive or two each spring (spelled killer bee) face it if it is my area they have been Africanized. European honey bees have a hard time living out here. So I get dressed up, smoke the buggers and steal the honey before relocating the bees to where they can still pollinate the desert but not attack kids and pets. I know a lot of people will not admit it but the Africanized bees really have helped the deserts propagate since they invaded.

back to the thread, so I have mashed out and am in the process of ramping up to mash temp when the wife walks in with some "adjuncts getting old in the pantry" and ask if she can pour them in. Shure I reply, it is your birthday beer.

A bit of a note here, being a party beer we usually brew up to about 6.5 percent ABV.

So she pours in a partial bottle of molasses, I do not know how much it was a 12 oz bottle and part of it was gone
part of a bottle of corn syrup, another 12 oz bottle and missing I do not know how much
and then some orange blossom honey , 15 oz bottle part of it missing
and section of brown sugar gone hard because it wasn't sealed good, I think just over half a pound

I cringe when she is adding it, but it is her beer

here is the shiznit, yesterday was her birthday, we had 3 corneys on tap, that is 15 gallons, 5 of which is the Desert Honey Ale.
this morning I had to pull the desert honey ale as it was all gone
everybody loved it
I have to admit it had a great taste, almost like a Marzen lager and a English brown taste, just with a bit of a molasses aftertaste mixing with the saaz late boil entry, it was totally balance



I should have weighed it but I was being a brewing snob.

My only defense is I know I am not alone in this.
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Re: well it happened again

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I hear you ;)
I'm very green in my brewing journey, and one of my best yet has been a 'fly by the seat of your pants' brew with minimal measurements, planning or notes.
And as the last bottle is finished off and into my belly it's hit home to me that I need to refine, remeasure, and record better.
I've been using a flash as looking software for my calcs and records, and now I'm resolved to switch to the BIAB calc from this site. I initially tried it but was a little overwhelmed, so I reverted to a 'dumbed down' alternative. After a few brews I'm realising the value of this site's calcs and have begun studying it more to better understand the processes and values.

The old advice from my apprentice days rings true - "Measure twice, cut once".
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Re: well it happened again

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Another good read. Thanks Jamato.

I reckon you have enough experience to be able to get close to it again. And, next time, you'll have the numbers for the rest of us :thumbs:

Muggy, with the BIABacus, treat it like a hotdog - don't try to eat it in one mouthful. Grab a beer and explore sections A, B, C, D and then K. Those are the guts. Play with those sections and see how they affect each other. Treat it as a bit of fun. As for the rest of the spreadsheet, a lot of it, you won't even need or, once you understand A,B,C, D and K, the other sections you do need will be easy to understand. If they aren't, you know you can ask here.

Back to Jamato... maybe have another birthday for your wife in the next few months? :)
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Re: well it happened again

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Oh I plan on finding out the right recipe, like i said IT WAS REALLY GOOD.
I will take better notes next time, I also plan on converting over to metric as it seems a lot of guys here do metric
Being American, I am used to our system, but I have spent a career having to convert in my mind so it will be rather easy to tweak them up to metric.
As mentioned I do remember he additions, but just not exact amount. I think it is just a matter of doing a few brews to nail it.
Temperance is for those who cannot hold their liquor :drink: :drink:
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