This site is a major PITA :)

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Yep that's right, I`ve only been around here for a week or so and I have come to the conclusion that this
site is a major pain in the A..neck. Mainly for beginners I think.

Keep that anger in check, not finished.
It is a PITA and that's what I like about it.
When I first discovered that BIAB existed and found this site. I was stoked.
Whats a PITA.
Well as a beginner I need a lot of reading/ understanding. I am yet to do a BIAB.
So I`d be reading somewhere and be totally enthralled in what I am reading.
Then when something is unclear to me (beginner here) there would be a link or two
to exactly what I need. I`d then click on said link, continue reading. More links.
This site is like a tree with branches going everywhere. I`d then stop and think where was I when I started?
This site is like a good book, one that's hard to put down. But it`s kind of like a choose your own adventure type book.
Then go back and start again.

Other forums I use/ have used. Usually don`t have links to such critical info. And if you cant find what you are looking for
with the search function, you ask- then you`d get berated for not using the search function as the info is there.

I can appreciate all the work mods and members have done here, and its easy to see the hours that have gone into this site.

Sorry if the title got you worked up..
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Re: This site is a major PITA.

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It's great isn't it.
There was a question about hops additions I was pondering late this arvo, and after two minutes on here I found exactly the info I wanted, plus more.
Downside is that the kids are now monitoring my screen time :dunno:
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Re: This site is a major PITA :)

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Clackers, I just edited your topic title. I added a :) at the end :P

Thanks for posting this thread. I read it soon after it appeared and really appreciated it. I'm amazed you, and others, have had the patience to mine into the gold already here. How you have been able to find the buried treasures amazes me.

Personally, I'm annoyed and frustrated at the site's current status. MS mentioned above, "If you like it now, just wait until it gets all the bells and whistles plugged in. This site is under a massive face-lift. No more links, just information one or two clicks away. ;)" That is totally true but...

I stuffed up - oops! I thought I had planned well (been way over-cautious, in fact) but results prove I haven't. To put it another way, I planned, and was willing to make a 1,000 mile journey to do the total re-make of the site. I even packed enough reserve fuel on board to do 3,000 miles to ensure we would get to the destination. End result at this point is 5000 miles of costs due to having to drive around unforeseen obstacles - things I could never imagine.

Just one example of these unforeseen obstacles is that Gmail/Microsoft etc automatically assume that emails from a site like this are spam. I have spent hours studying solutions to this, complying with their regulations etc, and I still don't get notified of responses here. Those hours I spent on that, and I'm talking over a hundred, could have been spent on writing the content sitting in my head, begging to be written.

That example is just one of many. Countless others I have solved at huge expense (time and/or money) but some basics like the above still remain. These "silly" problems (problems that should not even exist) have cost us badly. They have totally wiped me out and have left you all waiting for easy-to-find quality info.

Unfortunately, there won't be any sudden change in the appearance or structure of in the immediate future (all my focus is/has to be on finding work atm). On a more positive note, two things: I'm really pleased that Clackers and others are, despite the existing clumsy structure, still managing to find value here; and, I have, in no way, given up on my dream of making this the most useful craft home-brewing site there is.

Back soon ;) ,
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Re: This site is a major PITA :)

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What I have noticed in my few weeks here

this site has great information and no BS

If you want BS there is a big website that you can go to and post whatever you want, they specialize in making sure everyone feels just at home and no one can say your wrong. And it gets pretty funny reading the results. Most of which are, you do not have to do that, just do the minimum instead.

OK I want real information, stuff written by old hands, I have been over the hump and do not need guidance in areas like, "here is a picture of my Krausen do I have an infection?" which is every other thread. I want advice about taste profiles of different hops. I want to gather knowledge from guys who have been BIAB longer than me, I just converted from 3 vessel mashes 3 brews ago, I am a beginner at BIAB and no I do not want to be coddled, I want info if I ask, not being told it will all work out and be drinkable.

So I decided to drop into a forum that does not move real fast, but instead the info posted is to the point.

I want to thank the guys who are hosting this site, move at the pace you have to, nothing you have done so far is bad. Bells and whistles are for excitement, Information is for those who want to excel at their craft, or craft here is good beer, done in BIAB style.
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