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At the approximate cost of raws for me to make ~100 gallons of BIAB beer, one could buy a device that would use their "pods" to make small batches of clones? And bread-making machines make "bread," too. To each his own. I'll continue with you to BIAB brew our own beer, thank you.

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I don't know... :scratch: There is just something about an open fire, a bag of fresh ground grains... brings me back to the good all days when we jumped the rails and BIABed across the country... :sad:

Actually the sticker shock alone is just too much - that can fund a lot of brewdays! lets see... if I assume $20(US) cost per a two and a half to three gallon brewday, at $2000 for the unit... thats 100 brewdays, if I assume 10 brewdays a year... thats ten years of brewing. :lol:

Love the inovation etc. but I'll stick with my trusty kettle.
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