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Has anyone used a bazooka filter specifically for transferring into fermenter?

Ok, I use grain and hop bags but I've never tried a bazooka filter. I think it should assist when I rank from my kettle to my fermenter... after it's chilled, of course. I think it's 12", it covers the entire diameter of my 10 gallon ACMCYL kettle.

Any experiences or suggestions? Thanks, y'all.


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What Mad_Scientist said... But I have some additional thoughts that may be relavent.

I considered getting a bazooka filter when setting up, and someone talked me out of it. So glad I didn't purchase one!!!

Many on this forum would advise against this but I have a ball valve on my pot and transfer with that and a small piece of tubing. (Whatever you use to transfer you must clean it very well!!! Some find ball valves to be a little more difficult to properly clean than siphons). Admittedly a siphon might be a little better to transfer without getting trub into the fermenter. If you can't cold crash, then the siphon and paying close attention during transfer may be the best way to deal with it, if concerned.

But I don't worry about a little trub getting into the fermenter... Lots of it seems to settle out through the process. I cold crashing after fermentation is complete, which works awesome to settle the trub! And fine with a small amount of gelatin normally for higher beer clarity, which works well too. Hope this helps...
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Another solution! Looks like your kettle may have come with a 3 piece valve. The trub and break would probably be below the valve opening, just drain the wort with nothing attached on the inside. If after draining there is any good wort left, you can now tip the kettle easily to get that bit out.

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That's actually always what I do... ;) Often rotate the ball valve about 20-30 degrees to the side with idea it may transfer less trub at the bottom.

Yeast Starter Tip:
By the way, if you occasionally need yeast starters, that's what I do by harvesting the trub at the bottom. Strain last bit with BIAB bag into a small pot. Dilute to 1.040. Store in 16 ounce packets in zip lock bag and put in freezer. Be careful with shape as it will freeze. Before use, bring briefly to boil then cool...
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I used a bazooka screen twice and as mentioned above it constantly plugged. It now is in a box somewhere.

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I'd like to follow up with my latest brew: an oatmeal stout from BeerSmith. I tried my luck with a 12 inch boil kettle bazooka filter. It did its job, although not as efficient as I'd expect. Nonetheless, it didn't get stuck. I did not open the valve 100%. At first I opened it a quarter then after a few minutes I turn it half way. I didn't want it to get stuck.

Anyway, I'll used it again cuz it's really easy to clean and I'd take some filtering over nothing. Plus, do t have to spend time whirlpooling. Anyway, I enjoy trying new techniques... keeps me on my toes. Thanks, y'all!

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My pot has a ball valve . I use to drain, but , I use a funnel with a screen to catch the large particles.
The small ones go into the fermenter . I think it was Rick (?) who said the trub actually gives the yeast more to eat. I don't remember who it was actually but will try to find it. Don't stress too much about the trub.
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