Bank Promo Offer - $75 Cash (Aussies Only at this Stage)

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I've just sent out a mass email, which I'll copy to the second post here.

To put it briefly, if you open an IngDirect Account by using this link, you will receive a $75 cash bonus and so will BIABrewer. To get the bonus, you'll need to deposit a grand, even if it is only for a day. However, I have been with Ing for ages now, and they are truly brilliant, so I'm sure you'll be happily using it most regularly.

Despite a few of your generous donations, the site does run at a financial loss so this is a really nice, clean way of getting some cash into the site that I can, so easily, plough back into it. A few of you are aware of what I am currently working towards, and know that it is going to cost quite some dollars and, of course, time, to get the new project completed.

[center]Not an Aussie?[/center]

I'll look into seeing if Ing has this offer in other countries, to see if we can run the same thing, if and when the opportunity arises as I am totally comfortable with this method of getting some dollars in the door.

Currently, the ads at top and bottom of the site, do either very little or nothing. Most dollars come in from a few of you generously donating. Some of those have even donated two or more times, but once a member reaches a certain level, I actually refuse their donation, as I think it is unfair for a few to carry the most weight.

Let me know in this thread if you have any questions,
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[center]Copy of The Mass Email[/center]

Subject: Aussie BIABrewers Only - $75 Cash Offer

Hi there fellow Aussie BIABrewers,

Ing Direct, who I have been with for years now, is doing a promo where you, and, can each get $75 by opening an Ing bank account. Ing is truly the uber of banks, so go for it, by clicking on the following link:" onclick=";return false; ... 248685#_=_

or get the full info in the following BIABrewer thread:


Only 6000 accounts are available across the country, so I imagine they'll go very quickly.

I think this is the perfect fund-raiser. You get $75 for a few minutes work, BIABrewer also gets $75, and Ing get's a new customer which they know they will keep as they really are excellent.

All the best,

P.S. In the link above, a salary deposit form is mentioned but I've rung ING and you DON'T need to fill that out to get the $75. So, it's all very easy.
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Good luck with the campaign Pat.

I "had" my mortgage with ING for 8 years and can attest to their quality.
However, they don't exist in the UK anymore as they were bought out by Barclays. Boo! :evil:
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I read about that mally :sad:.

Have just had a third try at sending this out as the first two failed :smoke:. Fingers crossed!

Can a few of you let me know if you receive it so as we know it has worked?

Many thanks,
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Just got one then so that is 1hr 20min after the post above.

Just thinking it could be an SMTP quota issue that NME would have to check out?
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PistolPatch wrote:Just thinking it could be an SMTP quota issue...
Oops, DrSmurto has received four of them!

After doing a lot of Googling, I think what happens is that if you send more emails than allowed in your daily quota, the rest are held off to the next day or something. So, it looks like I spammed my own board members :roll:.

I wouldn't expect anyone to get more than three though. The first two are really ugly ones; on the third I learned how to dig into the bowels of the backend and change the header.

Sorry about that :sad:,
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