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Hi Guys

I am not sure if this is allowed on here but let me give it a shot anyway.

I was wondering if anyone had any contacts who might be interested in employing a youngster that has recently graduated. My son obtained his Bsc degree in Environmental and Biological Sciences. We are in South Africa but We are unable to find anyone interested in his skill set.

The following is a copy of his covering letter.
To whom it may concern,

My name is Gerhardt and I am a recent University graduate seeking employment.

I obtained a B.Sc. degree in Environmental and Biological sciences at the North-West University – Potchefstroom campus, specializing in Microbiology and Human Physiology.

My fields of study enables me to enter fields involving molecular biology, environmental studies and biological sciences. I am particularly interested in the following fields:

· Water and Sanitation
· Occupational Hygiene
· Health and Safety
· Brewing and Fermenting
· Environmental impact studies, sustainability and development
· Lab technician

Furthermore I posess a varied set of skills and attributes that would make an asset to any company willing to employ me. Please have a look at my C.V. and other documentation for more information.

Kind regards,


Your help will be appreciated.

Please pm me a copy of his CV and relevant documentation.


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Braailus wrote:I am not sure if this is allowed on here but let me give it a shot anyway.
That's fine Brassilus. If you ever want to make sure of something like this, just PM an administrator and they'll sort you out.

I have edited your post above though to edit out the email address as spambots can get hold of it very easily. Best to stick with PM's but feel free to add it back in if you like.

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