The zen of bottling.

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I've now got my bottling procedure down to a shade under one hour. 24 bottles clean and marked. I realised this morning how much I enjoy it, and find it is a bit like meditation. A little bit of deep breathing, relaxed movements, patience for each bottle to fill.
Even washing bottles doesn't feel like a chore. Just enjoying the ride, and looking forward to the bounty from each batch....
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Re: The zen of bottling.

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Must admit I have come to enjoy it. Not so much when I first got the bottles and the crap that came out.
But now that the bottles are always clean. I often have an audio -book in my ipod, listening to that it flies by.
When they are capped and the waiting to try it. Great feeling.

Re: The zen of bottling.

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I always liked bottling. There was a sense of satisfaction in having 20-50 bottles of product after all your hard work.

It got a bit more insane after I upped my brewlength to 55L though.

Fliptops help a bit, minikegs help more (no space for a kegerator setup), but it is starting to be a bit of a pain.

I have 'bottling back' for about a day afterwards. I nearly killed myself bottling a tripel 2years ago. 147 x 330ml. That was the end of my high gravity brewing.
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