How Hop Producer Evaluates Hops

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Doing more personal research on hops and ways of testing them... Crosby Hop Farms, just north of me here in Oregon, has a nice YouTube page with some videos showing how they test, store, and analyze their hops. Crosby uses a sensory panel where each lot of hops is graded. Imagine hops chopped up into powder, in small cups with numbers on the cups, and a group of people smell and score each lot. AND they use laboratory analysis.

I expect their large brewery customers get first choice of their very best lots of each hop variety... Definitely is marketing, but the videos have some interesting information for those who are interested in hops, how a boutique hop producer handles production and harvest, along with testing and analysis of their products.

Crosby Hop Farms' YouTube Page:

Sensory Panel Video:

Laboratory Analysis:

Hope people find this information interesting. I did...
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Re: How Hop Producer Evaluates Hops

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Nice post

I have only really seen videos on hops when watching some PBS show that featured hops.
I really enjoyed the videos here, I would like to know more about the little buggers as most of my experience is in drowning them

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