Your 5 favourite American hops

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Hi everyone

I love hops! I'm going to be brewing some big hoppy beers in the next few weeks and want a great American hop line up. I don't know all the diiferent hops that well so was wanting to know what your 5 favourite American hops are in decending order.
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Hey rickoles,

I've had great results with the following hops, but not in any particular order because I think it really depends on the purpose:
* Amarillo
* Simcoe
* Cascade
* Citra
* Centennial

Have fun! :peace:


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For me "big and hoppy beer", as in Hops for American IPA - will likely focus on certain hop varieties and not necessarily my favorites. I normally do more moderate hop beers. Tough question to answer. Like saying "which is the sexiest woman", in a room full of sexy women with different sexy attributes...

For APA I love Cascade. Centennial very good as well.

For Pilsner, brewed my last with Santiam hops. Awesome fragrance!!! And at 7.9% AA can use for bittering,flavor and aroma. Bred at Oregon State along with many others (incl Cascade, Liberty, etc,). And Liberty is very nice. Rogue Farms is about 15-20 miles from me, and Rogue has their Good Chit Pilsner using Liberty hops. I haven't brewed w/ Liberty yet.

So that's four for now, in what I see as two subcategories.
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Rick wrote:Mosaic
Just finished an IPA with one oz. each of Centennial, Mosaic and Chinook @ 10 minutes.

I have Chinook, CTZ Amarillo and Centennial available to dry hop.

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Hey Primavera,

If you think you need to dry hop...which one do you prefer the fragrance of the most? Likely any of them would work... If it's me, I'd probably go Centennial. But the others have good names too and if I had them here to smell and ponder, might make a different decision.

I've never dry hopped my homebrew before, and don't brew IPAs (but sometimes a fairly hoppy APA). That's my two cents, and best of luck to you!
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