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Post #1 made 6 years ago
I have an IPA in the fermenter that should be ready for dry (wet) hopping about the same time my first-year Centennial crop is ready for harvesting.

Any advice on wet hopping? Amounts? Schedule?
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My advice would be to dry those hops and use them for dry hopping your next brew. My reasoning? The typical rule of thumb for using wet hops is to use 5 times the amount that you would normally use of dry hops/pellets/plug (to account for the moisture content in the fresh hops). Using this amount of hops for dry hopping is probably going to take up a LOT of room in your fermenter, will soak up a lot of beer that you are not going to get back, prove to be a nightmare separating the finished beer from all that plant matter, and result in a very "grassy" or vegetative taste in the final product.

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