Malt the wheat

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:champ: I think that this was quite a feather in my cap.
I live in Chiang mai,Thailand and my nearest homebrew shop is 2500km away in Singapore .
I have to say that even if it weren't so far away I am so tight that I would probably have gotten around to trying this at some point anyway!

There is a health food shop near by and I thought I would have a bash at malting wheat,as it is way easier than barley :thumbs:

I got 4kg of wheat berries and followed these steps
1) wash in cool clean water
2) soak in water for 6-8 hours
3)let the wheat rest,but not dry out, for 6-8 hours
4) soak again/rest again if the chits have not yet started to grow
5) when you have chits,spread out your wheat evenly and keep cool,out of sunlight and moist,turning several times per day to prevent mould.
6) when the rootlets are about 1-1.5 times the length of the berry,cut one in half to check how long the shoot inside is.
7) stop when the shoot inside is at or over 75% the length of the berry.
8) dry in the sun for two days and keep for a week or two before using :thumbs:

I got a great wheat SMaSH out of this with Sorachi Ace hopped to high hell :champ:
Hope that someone finds this interesting,as I had a request for it.

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great post Lee.
I don't know what your humidity is like but around here i think my grain would rot before it sprouted.
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Well done Lee, I've often thought about having a go at malting and you have done it! Top work.

Be sure and let us know how the beer turns out.

Now, if you could only grow enough wheat...
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Thanks lads.
The beer only lasted a few weeks! It was very refreshing as well as rewarding.
I malt int the winter so that I can make the most of low humidity and relatively low temps(about 18c in the shade?)

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Now that's homebrew :)

Just need to grow your own hops ;)

(which might be a bit hard in thailand!)
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