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Just dawned on me that with the weather we are having (43c today,) and as I have my un-milled JW Pilsner stored in my shed I was wondering if it was ok.
It is stored in one of those willow Eskies, the ones with the 2 wheels on, and the grain is still in the bag it came in as well.
Anyway I just went out and opened the Esky (just love that aroma of grain) and checked the temp and it was 33c in the Esky, I never opened the bag to get grain temp but it didn't seem overly hot by feel.
I know that 33c is way to high for recommended grain storage but I have no where else to store my grain so the shed it is.
My question is, what will happen to my grain with temps that high? if it affects performance should I add more to my recipes?
Thanks Guys I'm getting a bit worried here. :?

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I wouldn't get too worried about this alanem (see disclaimer).

That's great that you have it in an esky/cooler :thumbs:. I have my base grain bags sitting beside my desk (no esky/cooler) and it gets very hot here as well. Some bags of grain I have had for a few years. Not best practice but I really haven't noticed a problem. (Specialty grains I keep in tupperware-like containers.)

Disclaimer: I think moisture is more of a problem with grain than temperature. Like me, you don't get high humidity where you are so I think you will be fine. I think dampness is the main killer here.

Also, as a matter of interest, I bought some flour two months ago and the best before date is October 2014 so about 11 months from purchase. Considering that flour is ground then I think we have pretty good leeway with grain as long as the moisture is kept down.
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Thanx PP, definitely no moisture to be seen anywhere here mate :( my lawns are now on death row)
maybe I will just chuck a big doubled up tarp over the top of said esky and see what that brings
Cheers and thanks
I used to spill more than I drink these days!

grain temp

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Just found this topic pretty useful. I was going to post for opinions on a 5kg bag of crushed grain I found sitting under the house. It will have been there for getting on to 18months now, albeit in a sealed plastic bag away from light and dampness. Should be be good when considering PP's flour comparison :)

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