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Hi all, i would like to have a go at a partial wheat beer. I notice that most people are using a Pilsner /Wheat Malt combo for their brews, i have about 5 kg of JW Ale Malt and would like to use it to make 2/3 batches of a light bodied, 4 - 4.5% alc, tasty wheat beer for xmas.(no added fruit). Its fair to say that i have been inspired after I tasted a Pacific Ale the other week and thought that this would be a great beer style for a stinking hot desert xmas.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a suitable recipe or put forward any suggestions for a recipe or resources on how to use wheat malt(mash temp, times, preferred yeast etc). I dont have a LHBS and everything i use comes on the bus or plane ( unless i have a relative or friend visiting and they are prepared to bring ingredients :pray: )

I have temp control for fermentation and storage, a 50l gas fired BIAB setup (24l into fermenter) and most equipment required including beersmith V1 and a resonably sound set of brew skills acuired over 3 years, (although i only recently did my first 100% AG brew - an American Pale, i call it "the American in the Desert", given Pine Gap is just over the hill i thought it was appropriate, it is drinking very well) - but like most i am always learning and refining.

Any suggestions, assistance would be great.



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Hi there Desert Brewer,

I don't brew wheat beers but I just had another read of your question and when I read, "Pacific Ale" I'm thinking you actually wish to brew an American Pale Ale. Is that right?

The Pacific Ale from Stone and Wood is an excellent beer. There's a recipe for it here which is probably as good a place as any to start.

As for using wheat malt, there is nothing to worry about. Just crush and mash as normal. Mind you, I wouldn't have guessed that Pacific Ale had so much wheat in it :scratch:.

Cheers mate :peace:,
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what yeast DO you have on hand?
that will probably determine much of your beer's flavor profile.

(BTW, I love Google Chrome integrated spell check. you'd all be reading total gibberish otherwise)
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Thanks for the responses. PP - Does Pacific Ale fall under the APA category? I only have Safale US 05 yeast at the moment, i will most likely get a wyeast American wheat or American Ale yeast when i put an order in for wheat malt and hop flowers.

Not having used the wyeast products before - i would be open to any suggestions on a yeast for this brew. As i rough guide - 60% JW Ale Malt and 40% Wheat malt and most likely all galaxy hop (flowers) additions - i will run some scenarios through Beersmith to get the balance i want. But the desired finish would be a crisp, clear light bodied beer suitable to consuming very chilled in the hot dry Central Australian summer.

I dont normaly add any other adjuncts irish moss, salts etc - just do a mix of rainwater and and our very calcium rich tap water.

Thanks for the comments - i will carry on in the true spirit of homebrewing and just have a go at it - drink the results, modify where required, brew and drink again - and so the cycle goes on :thumbs:



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Hi there DB,

US-05 is identical to American Ale Yeast 1056. This a great yeast for APAs. And, yes, I would defintely call S&W an APA - a really nicely balanced one and not over the top hoppy in bitterness.

I'm not great at recipe creation so I can't be much help to you there sorry. My policy is to steal recipoes from others who have that skill :lol:. You could try adding a bit of amarillo though in with the Galaxy on the flavour and aroma additions. On second thoughts, maybe not. It seems that they are insistent that they only use Galaxy in the brew.

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