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Are you thinking of putting peanut butter in your beer?
I have used powdered peanut butter (PB2), as that has most of the fats/oils removed.
Even so, it doesn't add any fermentables so is just added in section I (special instructions).
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Okay. So here it goes... This recipe is from the Brooklyn Brew Shop's Beer Making Book. I contacted BBS to get the OG/FG and they kindly responded back with those numbers. I found a PDF online (" onclick=";return false; ... ctions.pdf) which indicated that there should be 3.8 L of wort at flame out. I multiplied that number by .96 to estimate VAW and put that number in as VAW. Hops were only listed as the type and the weight. There were tables in the book giving a range of average AA% for the hops. I simply took the middle number in that range and plugged it in along with the weight of the hops to be added. It also indicated 1/3 Cup of Natural Peanut Butter with the oil skimmed off. I found the weight of 1 Cup of Peanut Butter and multiplied it by .33 to find the approximate weight. The recipe is for 1 gallon of beer. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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[center]BIABacus Pre-Release 1.3T RECIPE REPORT[/center]
[center]BIAB Recipe Designer, Calculator and Scaler.[/center]
[center](Please visit" onclick=";return false; for the latest version.)[/center]
[center]Peanut Butter Porter[/center]

Recipe Overview

Brewer: Rich Pollard
Style: Porter
Source Recipe Link:
ABV: 7.6% (assumes any priming sugar used is diluted.)

Original Gravity (OG): 1.077
IBU's (Tinseth): 25.2
Bitterness to Gravity Ratio: 0.33

Kettle Efficiency (as in EIB and EAW): 79.8 %
Efficiency into Fermentor (EIF): 68.4 %

Note: This is a Pure BIAB (Full Volume Mash)

Times and Temperatures

Mash: 90 mins at 67 C = 152.6 F
Boil: 90 min

Volumes & Gravities
(Note that VAW below is the Volume at Flame-Out (VFO) less shrinkage.)
The, "Clear Brewing Terminology," thread at" onclick=";return false;

Total Water Needed (TWN): 8.78 L = 2.32 G
Volume into Boil (VIB): 7.86 L = 2.08 G @ 1.045
Volume of Ambient Wort (VAW): 4.43 L = 1.17 G @ 1.077
Volume into Fermentor (VIF): 3.8 L = 1 G @ 1.077
Volume into Packaging (VIP): 3.52 L = 0.93 G @ 1.019 assuming apparent attenuation of 75 %

The Grain Bill (Also includes extracts, sugars and adjuncts)

Note: If extracts, sugars or adjuncts are not followed by an exclamation mark, go to" onclick=";return false; (needs link)

82.8% Pale Ale Malt 1196 grams = 2.64 pounds
6.9% Caramel 60 100 grams = 0.22 pounds
3.4% Chocolate Malt 49 grams = 0.11 pounds
6.9% Roasted Barley 100 grams = 0.22 pounds

The Hop Bill (Based on Tinseth Formula)

12.8 IBU N. Brewer Pellets (7.5%AA) 3.6 grams = 0.129 ounces at 75 mins
9.4 IBU N. Brewer Pellets (7.5%AA) 3.6 grams = 0.129 ounces at 30 mins
3 IBU Fuggles Pellets (3%AA) 3.6 grams = 0.129 ounces at 20 mins

Mash Steps

Mash Type: Pure BIAB (Full-Volume Mash): Saccharifiaction for 90 mins at 67 C = 152.6 F


Miscellaneous Ingredients

Chilling & Hop Management Methods

Fermentation & Conditioning

Special Instructions/Notes on this Beer
89 grams of Natural Peanut Butter with oil skimmed off to be added to Boil for 45 minutes
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