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Personally, no... I do not.

Some here have stored hot wort in a plastic cube, and use it to brew with later. And if wort is hot enough can put into a cube and try to push air out and make sure the hot wort has made contact with all surfaces. Hot wort to kill any remaining “bugs”... Supposed to be workable, and some have made this work, in the “no chill” manner.

I had one time with almost 10 gallons of wort and I wanted to split in two and do two separate fermentations. Only room for one container at a time in the fermentation chamber so poured half of the chilled wort into an empty Corney Keg and stored in beer refrigerator. Fermented first batch and no problem, but band-aid ester taste with my second. I obviously got a nasty bug in my wort and this ruined the 2nd beer. Only time I had to dump an entire batch of beer.

Anyhow, I hope this helps... :luck:
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Re: Storing wort

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Thank you for your replies Scott and Mad-scientist.

Scott, I did not think of band-aid ester taste so I won't store the wort. It is not worth the risk.

Also I do not like the idea of handling almost boiling wort and putting it in a cube for two reasons, To dangerous and hot wort in plastic is probably not a good idea for health reasons and taste.
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