Pitching warm rehydrated yeast to cold wort

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I plan to do a bohemian lager next. The one from Jamils book. I plan to rehydrate 2 packs of yeast according to the instructions in warm water - can't remember what temp now, maybe 24 degrees. But I need to ferment at 10 degrees. Is there any issue pitching this warm yeast into wort at 9-10 degrees? I'm just paranoid about shocking the yeast.
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What you do here dom is rehydrate your yeast as per normal instructions and then after twenty minutes, you slowly add a bit of your wort. For example, let's say you have 200 mls of rehydrated yeast. You would then add in 50 mls of cooler wort and then a few minutes later maybe add 100 mls of cooler wort and a few minutes after that 150 mls. Then pitch.

I used to do this but no longer do. At this point in time (and I could well be wrong) I feel that there are too many dangers, especially for new brewers, in rehydrating yeast. For example, yeast hates chlorinated water so what if your water is very chlorinated? What if you make your water too warm?

When starting out at least, I see no reason why you should not just do the following....

1. Aerate your wort once cool.
2. Sprinkle the packs of dried yeast over the bubbles that will now be all over the surface of the wort.

I think (but do not know) that this method gives the yeast a chance to slowly acclimatise to both temp and sugar as it is sitting on the bubbles.

Two packs of lager yeast is plenty for that recipe assuming you are doing a 'Volume at Pitching (VAP)' of around that used in the book.

Have fun,
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Ah ok. I was thinking about infection whilst reading what you were saying and was glad to see you were too! I think I'll go with the sprinkling method as you say.
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