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I'm fermenting a brown ale (GAW=1.044 /9; VIF 5.5g) in a 6g plastic carboy with Nottingham ale yeast at 20C. About 5 hours after pitching, there was already some activity, and a bubble from the blowoff tube every few seconds. The next day there was about 2" kreusen. This morning the kreusen had totally disappeared, and the sanitizer in the blowoff bucket was still pristine. Primary seems to be done in 40 hours ?! Note that during fermentation, temperature went up to 22C (2C above ambient room temp).

Based on previous experience (with Nottingham and other yeast strains), I was expecting about 3 to 4 days of high kreusen, and definitely some overflow through the blowoff tube.

So two questions:
- should the kreusen collapse so quickly?
- how important is it to get rid of the hop residues, gunk, etc. that are visible on top of the kreusen? If the fermentation does not purge this through the blowoff tube, it's not possible to remove it from a 'closed' fermenter (e.g. carboy) :scratch:

Thanks, and cheers

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Hey BDP ;),

With Nottingham, if you just open the sachet and put it within a mile of your fermentor, the beer will be done within a week. When you actually put Nottingham in the fermentor, it is fermented within minutes :lol:.

Nottingham is pretty full on. Obviously your fermentor wasn't sealed completely because at 20/22 C (68 to 71.6 F) you would normally level a city block :shock:.

Suffice to say that there is nothing strange in your report above when it comes to Nottingham.


As for the krausen, hop residues, junk etc, most of that that will attach itself to the side of the fermentor as the krausen subsides. Most fermentations are not done with a blow-off tube. It is only employed on fermentors with little head space (or when dealing with a particularly aggressive yeast) or if the brewer wants to collect some top-cropping yeast.

In other words, do nothing about the gunk ;),
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