ADO: SafaleUS-05 - American Ale Yeast

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Very clean, crisp flavor characteristics. Low fruitiness and mild ester production. Slightly citrus like with cool (60-66F, 15-19C) fermentation temperatures. Versatile yeast, which produces many beer styles allowing malt and hop character to dominate the beer profile. Flocculation improves with dark malts in grain bill. Normally requires filtration for bright beers. DE or pad filtration recommended.

Flocculation: Medium-Low
Attenuation: 73-77%
Temperature Range: 60-72F, 15-22C
Alcohol Tolerance: 10% ABV

Substitutions: Wyeast 1056 (generally considered as an identical strain.)

American Amber Ale
American Barleywine
American Brown Ale
American IPA
American Pale Ale
American Stout
Brown Porter
Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer
Cream Ale
Dry Stout
Fruit Beer
Imperial IPA
Irish Red Ale
Other Smoked Beer
Russian Imperial Stout
Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
Strong Scotch Ale
Wood-Aged Beer
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Having done my first beer using only hydrometers, I got a 73.5% AA using US-05. That's about the same range as all my other Dead Guy clones.

I know Dead Guy mashes at 152 F (don't know how long), is a 77% AA and uses Pacman yeast.

I will try mashing at 149 F, if needed next time. Is anyone getting a higher AA than me?

I did this;-
Mashed 90 mins at 66.2 C = 151.2 F
Fermentation was Safale US-05 for 15 days at 18.4 C = 65.12 F

67.5% Rahr 2 row (3.5 EBC = 1.8 SRM)
22.8% Weyermann Munich type 2 (25 EBC = 12.7 SRM)
9.8% Crisp Caramalt (52 EBC = 26.4 SRM)

info link; ... =50#p53065

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I continuously get 84% AA with it

1.070 OG
1.010 FG

Single Infusion @ 149F 90m
75 to 90m boil
5.2 target mash pH

92.3% Great Western PNW 2-Row
2.6% Honey Malt
5.1% Crystal 15

Fermented at 66F, typically ready for secondary in 10 days.
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