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I was pretty excited to share this link, but then I saw that Beachbum has a pretty similar thread. viewtopic.php?f=86&t=492

Anyway, I thought I'd still share it because there are differences in the method and equipment. It's always nice to have choices. ... ank-35891/ has good prices if you happen to be in the USA. They are still pretty good if you are in Canada, because I found that the only suppliers that carried everything were 4-5 times the price. in Canada has good prices if they have what you want/need.

If you brew strictly with dry yeast, then I'm not sure you will see much benefit. If you like the option of having seasonal yeasts handy year round, then you'll probably like the idea. If you are considering this as a money saver, then you should probably also consider canning starter wort or freezing left over wort from your batches to make yeast starters.
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QuinBrew wrote:Awesome info JR.
Short on time JR but just wanted to second Quin's post :thumbs:.
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