Disaster Pressure fermenting of Wyeast 3724

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I created a yeast starter with Wyeast 3724.
I brewed a Saison and tried pressure fermenting at 90F = 32C with a spunding valve set at 10psi.
Wyeast recommend fermenting at this temperature.
It started out OK but then went for a week and 2 days of no fermentation and developed a horrible taste.
Then I learned Wyeast 3724 does not like Pressure.
So I transferred the 2 corny kegs to 2 fermentation buckets i.e. no pressure
Kept the temperature at 90F = 32C controlled with a STC1000 but it was still dead after quite a few days.
In one bucket I pitched Safale s-04 and in the other I pitched WLP005 at 66F =18C
One bucket got to an FG of 1.006 and the other got to 1.012
I cold crashed both buckets and added gelatin.
I kegged them separately and added Co2
Both the Corny kegs have an Astringency taste i.e. wet tea bag come horrible taste but they have not been infected.
Both Corny kegs have not cleared.
Does anybody know what I can do.
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Re: Disaster Pressure fermenting of Wyeast 3724

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Hi Phillip I've experienced something very similar following a stuck fermentation where I pitched a different yeast the second time around.
I'm no expert but I know yeast can produce some pretty disgusting off flavours when you stress it out and depending on which two yeasts you use the resulting combined esters can be a bit too funky to enjoy. I'm a fan of pressure fermenting pale ales and IPA'S where you want neutral esters from the yeast but if the yeast esters need to shine in your beer style then conventional fermenting is better in my experience. If you've not already done so I urge you to experiment with Kviek yeasts I've made some amazing beer with it this year the Voss strain is a great all rounder with citrus esters but there are many more to try.
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