Wheat in a British Ale.

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Has anybody got a recipe or know of one that is a British ale with some wheat in it.

Or should I just make my own recipe, say from a Timothy Taylor Landlord and add a certain percentage of wheat.

Where I got this idea from was when I was in the Lake district in Cumbria England, the bloke behind the bar said that his Bluebird Bitter had some wheat in it. It was the second best pint I'd had in my whole life.
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Wheat in a British Ale.

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There shouldn't be any issue with just adding a percentage of wheat to an English pale ale recipe that you like and substituting some wheat for your base grain.

A lot of Brewers I know only use ale malt and wheat malt for pale ales so of you started with a recipe of 80-90% Maris otter and 10-20% wheat with a combination of your favourite English hops you will have an excellent base to experiment from!
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