Wind Screen/ Heat Jacket/Insulator for Mashing

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Can't think of a short way to put this. I have two separate, but related, topics to inquire.

1) I am an avid hiker and have made several alcohol stoves that work like a charm. The real trick is adding a wind screen. It not only keeps the flames and heat from blowing away, but also concentrates the heat up tight against the sides of the pot. I can only assume that this would be ideal on a large scale for BIAB kettles. Yet, I've never really seen this come up in discussions or pictures of rigs (even 3V guys). Is this a legitimate issue to pursue while configuring my first BIAB set-up? I need to squeeze as much performance out of my banjo burner to get the 20 Gallon Blichmann to boil faster. Anybody use a fireproof or metal "sheath" around your burner & pot to maximize heating in the breeze and protect mash temps from the wind??

2) While considering the need for a windscreen and pulley system, I immediately envisioned a BIAB structure similar to a 12-foot-high outhouse. Anyone play with this idea yet? Think about it: Protection from the wind and falling debris from trees. A good roof to mount the pulley on. Maybe line the inside with lights for winter/night brewing. Add a front door to lock up gear inside.

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Hi Zb and welcome to the forum.
I have been pondering making a screen/windblock for my burner over the last few weeks. I have seen pics of this type of setup on another forum and think its a good idea. Its worth a try anyway.
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A wind screen is really helpfull in saving wasted heat. When I first used my gas burner I wrapped tin foil around the burner and pot as it was a bit breezy!

I've now got a metal screen made from the carcass of our broken tumble drier.

The out house is a good idea I've got plans for a brew shed, just got to find the time.

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I had a sheet metal tube made that works great!Slightly larger ID than the outside of my pot handles,and slightly higher.6 x 12 cutout at the bottom for propane hose and access to the burner for relighting.Sleeping bag fits nicley over the top.I will post pics this weekend after brewday.If I can figure out how!

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I carry along a window well. It's corrugated, heavy and shaped like a letter C. I also have a windscreen that goes around a portable fire pit. It's to keep burning logs and such from rolling out of the pit and onto your wooden deck. It's light and it can go completely around my burner. At home I am sheltered in the garage door opening but on the road it works real well!
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Okay!!These are pics of my windscreen and insulation.It was a nice day when I took these,I'm brewing today in rain and 10C temps!My first 25 minutes of mash lost 2deg.C
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Nice work Lylo, that's a very neat screen.
1 question, do you get enough airflow through the one hole to have efficient combustion of the gas?
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I'm not sure how I would quantify that hashie.It keeps a nice blue flame and thats all I can go by.It would be an easy thing to blow a few more holes around the bottom.Any ideas on how I would rate my combustion?

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joshua wrote:Good Day, Pardon the pun.....If your beer tastes like it came from an outhouse, you can say it did!
LOL -- I guess "Outhouse Brewery" would make a judge think twice before sampling
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Thanks Zig,but I can only take credit for the windscreen,the yard and house are my wife's fault,although did you notice how nicely the lawn is mowed and how well trained my hops bines are?(barely visible)

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I looked at those but they wouldn't quite fit over my BK and stand,and still be small enough for a simple sleeping bag.I think mine ended up at 22" diameter

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I use one of those silver automotive windscreen shields to insulate my boiler. I just use a tie-down strap to hold it tight.
It halves heat up times so I recon could be a great option in this situation. It has done close to 50 brews and it will stand 100degC.
I need to remove it to get the boiler to cool down. They don't melt and you can get them from cheap junk stores for $2 AUD.

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