Thoughts on this Burner?

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hi all

I am still dabbling with stovetop brewing but i am planning on setting up to BIAB properly ! I have a 50L keg which I will use as my pot and now I need a burner.

I am thinking of buying one of these for the burner and was wondering what you think. I brew with a mate and we are planning on double batches in the keg, aiming for about 20L x2 into the fermenter this is too keep our brew time: beer qty ratio healthy. so will probably have to fill the kettle, so do we think it will it boil 50L?

The largest capacity version is over 50mj/hr

Appreciate your thoughts

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Are their any legs to this? I have extension legs to bring my turkey fryer higher than a no-chill container. Look here to see what I mean..... I just found the box. It's a champ chef! A whopping 60,000 BTU/hr :argh: ... ooker.html

Just make sure you have all the kit. Good luck on your hunt! :luck:
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Homemade, I am in America so...50 million joules = 47,390.85 Btu, which I believe will be to low to Boil 50L/13.203gallon(us).

Most of us need around 100,000BTU/105.5mj/hr to Boil 5Gal/23L.

I hope our Fellow Aussies, can help you find the best Burner for 50L!!
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Thoughts on this Burner?

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Hi homemade,

I have recently set up a BIAB system with a 70 litre pot and do my first double batch last weekend.

I bought a burner from cellar plus in Victoria their website is still being built but if you contact them they are very helpful.

The burner I got is similar to a spiral burner and is on a pretty sturdy stand about 30cm high. I also got an adjustable high flow regulator and it kept a double batch on a good rolling boil on the minimum setting.

If you go with a 3 ring burner I would seriously consider getting a medium or high flow regulator as you can get a lot more kick out of your burner. In my case I wanted something I wasn't going to need to replace in a hurry and probably went a bit over the top. From memory my burner and reg was about $150 including postage.

Hope this helps!

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Hi homemade
I was using a 50 litre keg and the same 4 ring burner with no problem, i have just upgraded to80litre pots and still using the same burner is working fine with 60 litres of wort


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This post describes my burners, one of which is a three-ring.

The only issue I can think of that hasn't been addressed here so far is the width of your keg. The fourth outer ring may be of no benefit to you :scratch:.
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Thks to all for your responses, seems this one will do the job but may benefit from some type of stand and I will check out the cellar plus unit as that looks great too.

Thks again for your responses/advice.


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This is what I made, gets me by just nicely. The burner is the gasmate 3 ring burner, running a standard 2.75KPA bbq reg:
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the 4 ring burners fit under the wider calton draught style kegs (if your in Australia) but not under the taller thinner tooheys kegs.

It will have no problems on a 50L keg and will easily get an 80L pot boiling (though take slightly longer), but if you get the high flow regulator it will roar.

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Yeah i probably could do with at least a medium pressure reg to give the burner some more punch. With the low pressure bbq reg it takes me around 30 mins to heat to strike temp, and about 15 to 20 from mashout to boil. It works ok though, so i havent bothered. I just do other things whilst im keeping an eye on it.

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Hi guys

Thanks to you all for your input.

I should have come back sooner to say that I decided to go a different route. In the end I bought a Braumeister instead, big difference I know but I had looked at them before and decided i wanted something really easy :party:

Sorry I should have posted back earlier.

Thks again for the input.
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