FAQ: What equipment do I need?

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[center]FAQ: What equipment do I need?[/center]

The following applies for brewing a standard batch of beer. As a standard, we will work on 23 lts (6.1 US gal) into the fermenter. For smaller batches, see BIABrewer.info's Mini BIABs section.

In addition to the usual equipment needed to ferment a standard, "kit beer," you will need...

A Kettle (Pot)

Look for a kettle or stock pot with a good solid base. Aluminium or stainless steel is fine. (See the FAQ, “What are the pros and cons of varying kettle sizes?”)

A Heat Source

Either a gas burner (a three-ring camping burner or better) or a minimum of a 2000W handheld electrical immersion element.

A Bag

This bag lines the kettle like a bag in a rubbish bin or trash can and is made of very fine and strong polester mesh. (see the FAQ, “Should I make a bag or can I buy one?”)

A Mash Paddle

This can be something as simple as a large spoon but the paint stirrer pictured in BIAB - The Master Guide is cheap and also ideal.

A Very Accurate Thermometer

Many thermometers available to mash brewers are quite inaccurate. [EDNOTE: Links and script needed here.]

Syphon or Tap/Hose to Drain Your Kettle

An auto-syphon such as from Fermtech works well or you may prefer a tap and hose attached to your kettle. (If you intend to use the now quite popular no-chill method to chill your wort, you will also need silicone hose as you will be transferring hot wort which will melt an auto-syphon or release plasticisers from PVC or similar hoses .)

And finally, optional but highly recommended...

A Hook and Rope

A sturdy hook in a beam and some rope will make lifting the bag easy but is not essential. You might find your pulley systems get fancier as you start doing double-batches or become lazier ;).

If you have questions regarding this topic, feel free to ask them here.
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