OTT Fermentation Chamber

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This is my OTT Fermentation Chamber. It took me 3 weeks to make it.
For heat only. I live in England.
It has a 120 watt tube heater that has to be hung horizontally.
A fan to distribute the warm air. I’m using a stir plate I built for the time being.
There is fibreglass insulation in the base and above it. The walls and the inside of the doors have celotex. I sealed any gaps with silicone.
It has a STC1000 Temperature controller.
A double socket. One socket for the tube heater and one socket for the fan. So when the heater is switched on the fan comes on.
I can get 3 fermentation buckets/vessels in it.
On the right hand bucket you can see a black temperature gauge that sends the temperature to a base station. This saves me from keep opening the door.
The handles on the doors I made from an old coffee table. The pieces of ply that are stuck on the doors are to protect the doors when I hit them shut with a rubber mallet.
The four gang extension cable pinned to the wall has the STC1000 plugged in to it. The STC1000 plug has a 3 amp fuse. The extension cable has a 3 amp fuse.
The STC1000 sensor is in a thermowell which is in a small container of water/starsan mix. I need to change this container to a large one.
There is a six gang extension cable plugged in to the four gang extension cable. I can plug six stir plates into this.
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