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Hi Streamer, You want something that conducts (or transfers) heat easily. So heat from your wort is transferred to the water running through the pipe.

Plastic pipe or PEX is not a good conductor of heat, whilst copper is about as good as you can get.
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You definitely want to avoid plastic tubing as a chiller, not only because it is a poor conductor but also because it will impart off-flavours to your wort.

I can't think of a single plastic that won't taint your wort at boiling point although there are probably some. Most will taint your wort even at mash temperatures. (Use only silicone or metal hoses for hot transfers).

For chilling, copper or stainless is the go and I'm thinking stainless would be better as it might be easier to keep clean than copper???

One thing I will say is that some chillers have the coils so close together that you can't really clean them properly. A shorter chiller with a wider tubing works just as well as the reverse in my experience (I have both).

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