Copper pipe for chiller

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Hi guys, just a simple question.
Is there a specific type of copper pipe to ask for when building a chiller? I hear that air conditioning piping is often used. Surely these pipes are not made for the food industry and some may contain harmfull substances used in the manufacturing process?


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You need the copper pipe used in home construction. Your drinking water comes through it and is totally safe. There is a flexible grade that comes in rolls. Appliance stores often have it for fridge hookups,,, I think.

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The fridge copper is a smaller diameter. I've used it in the past to build a counterflow chiller.
I love to diy my homebrew equipment but honestly with the cost of pre made chillers being reasonable and the pain it is to build some of these things; I'd look at just buying one.
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Good Day, Where I am Located, our "Big Box" Store...Home Depot, carries Type 'R' copper tubing to 5/8" O.D.-1/2" I.D. For Home Plumbing.

Definately Food Safe.
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I've used copper break lines (for cars) that came in a 5 meter roll.
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Was looking to build a counter flow wort chiller last December but bought one from homebrew shop in New York (online) for about $100US. Works well. A pump would make it work better but I just use gravity flow. One less thing to clean.

With costing out all the materials, seems like I was pushing $100, and then it would still have to be built. For what it is worth...
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Heat exchanger complete and used in our 2nd brew today. Rolling boil to 21 deg in 15 mins using tap water. Very happy with the end result.

Thanks for your advice guys.


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