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Hi Tsar,

I don't know if anyone could give a definative answer to your question.

If you asked the plastic manufacturer I bet they would not recommend it as they wouldn't have made them for what brewers have on mind.

Having said that, have a listen to the "basic brewing" podcasts on toxicology, I found them very useful.

I guess it's something to make your own mind up on. For the record I no chill.
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As far as I know, it is a "normal HDPE" water container.

At the moment it is the best way I have of chilling my wort. If there were a cheap alternative, like a strong flexible bag designed specifically for home brewing (which would be great as it could do many things - squeeze out oxygen, handle a wider range of volumes) I'd use that. But until someone invents it, I'll keep improvising with the cube. Eventually I could get a water chiller but for me, I find no chilling appealing and convenient.

I also have acquired a 54l glass carboy, and I'm musing over whether to use it rather than my plastic fermenters. I know some brewers prefer glass over plastic for fermenting so that no strange flavours are imparted into the beer.

Another bit of info that might be useful to Australian brewers looking at getting into no-chilling. I bought a blue rectangular willow brand "cube". The lid does not seal well unless a good 10 wraps of plumbers tape is used.
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I would only use a container that had a resin code stamped on it - see here.

For HDPE you are looking for a symbol 2.
In that link, click on the "High-density polyethylene" hyperlink to read up on it.
They say in general can withstand 120C for short periods & 110C for long periods.
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