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I think based on your description, I would go bigger. I went from a 20L pot to a 60L and very glad I got the extra size, although everybody's situation is different. If cooling is the only issue, an immersion chiller does a good job of speeding the process of cooling the larger batches; they're not that expensive should last for years. Alternatively, I've been reading that some brewers just put a sanitized towel on their kettle and a lid and let it sit overnight to cool to pitching temperature - a method I'm switching to on my next batch. Since it's winter where you are, and if you have the room, this might be a good alternative to explore.
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Re: I'm thinking of buying a...

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I cannot argue with Streamer. :peace:
However, I have a 30.17 Liter (10 gal) kettle and get 19 L into bottles at packaging. I just bottled 19.2 L (close to 5 gal VIP) of a honey amber that did involve 3L (less than 1 gal) of water held back for a sparge in Section W of the BIABacus, and about 2 pounds (900 gms) of honey. That's the reason that the OG got all the way to 1.070. Without using Section W and daring to have only 5 cm (2 inches) or less of headspace during the mash step, I can get 1.060 for OG on other recipes (no added sugar) with no trouble. I can lift and move my kettle full of wort (post mash, bag pulled already) if needed. I can use the immersion coil or put the kettle in a cooling bath (snow?). Consider those things and how you want to operate in the future. I used to think about a bigger kettle for larger batches and higher OGs, but my consumption rate and eagerness to brew again are well-matched for now. I don't need my ABV to be above 7% too often. YMMV

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Thanks for your replies guys.
I was talking about it with my wife today, surprisingly she was listening. I don't think she understood a thing I was saying, but she decided in the end.
The 50l pot sounds easier to carry with less chance of spilling it. not much difference in price.
Large pot full volume mash here I come.

I`d like to ask about what streamer said about using a sanitized towel and lid. I`ll start that in a different thread though.
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