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Just a notification that this weekend we will be upgrading the site to a later system from 1am, on Saturday, November the 26th, UTC. The upgrade will probably take less than five hours.

What this Means for You

This the first of two shutdowns that will occur. For you, the user, nothing much will be different after the first shutdown. The temporary "skin" we'll be using may, in fact, even be a little worse than the current one :).

This first shutdown will enable us to "invisibly" work behind the scenes, without disturbing you, applying the major visual, structural and content changes Sarah* and I have been working on full-time for a very long time now! The second shutdown will be of approximately the same length and, after that, the new style, structure and content will be available to you.

I'll gradually let you know, in a separate important notice, a little about the new site - so please make sure you subscribe to this forum!


* I'll also let you know what roles Sarah is going to take on. And special thanks to Rick too for the many hours spent in the pre-birth design stages :thumbs:
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