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I'm Henrik, from Sweden. Been brewing using BIAB for a year now and wanting to get a better understand of why I get the results I get.
Will be interesting to experiment with software specially for BIAB.
Currently waiting for my first pale ale to be finished.

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Hello Henrik from Sweden. One of the many things I enjoy about this forum is the fact that the participants are so dispersed all over the world. I get to communicate with people in Australia, the U.K., the U.S., Sweden, North, South, East, West. What a great community!
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Hello folks,

I'm Jim from London.

I've been BIAB brewing when possible for around a year now with mostly positive results however I've always used recipes I've found online. What I'm keen to do now is start developing my own recipes and better get to grips with the brewing process. What I've found with a number of the beers I've made is that they are all much too strong, and I'd like to work out how to produce tasty beers within the 3%-5% range. Also, my boy turns one in six weeks and I'm keen to make a beer for his party. For the grownups obviously. I'm thinking a simple citra smash and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the BIABAcus to plan this out.

It's nice to meet you all. Cheers,


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Hi Jim, welcome aboard! I've been designing recipes for a while now using Biabacus and it works very well. I was lucky as I had never used any other brewing software when I started, since the Biabacus works pretty much opposite from other software when it comes to recipe design.

Rather than putting in your ingredients and it telling you what og you will get, you put in your desired OG and volume into fermenter and then tell it what malts (easiest to use percentages here (without the % sign)) you will use and Biabacus tells you how much to actually use. When you think about it this makes a whole lot more sense, it also estimates these amounts based on several other things such as your equipment, boil time and several more. Give it a try and start a thread if and when you have questions, we are here to help.

Happy Brewing!
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Hello All,

Trapiste Monk, here
Came across this forum searching the interet for a reason that my 4 BIAB's, while having delicious taste, have no head retention.
Retired some years ago, originally from California, now living in Georgia.
So, far I have to admit it is a little cumbersome trying to get around the site and I have yet to figure out hot to post a new thread.
Yes, I have read the FAQ, still cannot see the "buttons" it says are supposed to be there to post under a heading topic

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Welcome trapistemonk. Yes, it takes a while to sort out how to maneuver here, but it is worth it. A new design is in development, but no date is set. In the meantime, use the forum search and/or advanced search in the upper right and see what you can find. Using quotes around "no head" there gives some answers from a couple of years ago - Carapils and water hardness among the topics discussed. Even if you post a new thread in the wrong place, it will get placed properly soon. So look first, and if you still have questions, ask.
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Welcome wizert.
Looks like you are progressing nicely on your brewing journey. Let us know if you need any help.
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Well stopping in to say Hey,
Been brewing for sometime now from extract kits to BIAB to full grains.
Also a wine maker. Plan is with inside of 2 years to own my own winery and brewery.
From the North East section of PA.
Jim S..
Fireside Wine Cellar and Brewery..

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Hello Hvacman! If that's HVAC in your moniker, then you will appreciate how BIAB is all grain brewing at its simplest. You can brew and learn at convenient scale before going commercial. Look around the forum and try out the BIABacus viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1869, then ask questions.

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1. Where are you from?
Northamptonshire, UK
2. How did you stumble across the site?
Searching for BIAB info, methods & calculators before my first BIAB attempt!
3. What you think of it so far?
Lots of info spread around the site, everyone seems helpful, looks good.
4. Have you brewed at all before. If so, for how long and what method are you currently using?
I have brewed for about the last three years but only from kits with a year out in the middle when life just got too complicated. Now looking to improve the quality and be able to produce lower ABV beers.
5. Do you work? Are you retired or maybe you run a household?
I'm an engineer working in Formula 1, trying very hard to implement some work life balance.

A friend has recently started brewing and has gone straight in (cheque book open) for a shiny Grainfarther system. I believe that a simpler approach must be as good and have chosen the BIAB path and look forward to comparing the results!

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Hi There! My name is Wyatt. I will be migrating to all grain BIAB this weekend! I am from NW Ohio and an engineer. Extract brewing hasnt quite scratched the nerd itch in me. We are currently building a new house where I will be building an EBIAB rig.

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Welcome ghazghkull and twoshots and martyrdon and elbinwyp. This is the place to be.

To get you Started the BIAB, You can Download "BIABACUS" at, the spreadsheet,

and get "The BIABacus - Help" at,

and read the "Clear Brewing Terminology (CBT)" to Understand the Terms used in BIABACUS.

Questions? Ask away.

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I'm from california, US. I've never brewed beer before but have done some wines. I'm looking into trying out beer brewing and biab seems like a simple process to brew. I'm still getting familiar with the brewing process/terminology before committing. I like Heineken, stella artois, guiness, OB(korean) and not too fond of bitter beers. Still not sure what first beer to try yet. let me know if you have recommendations!

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martyrdon wrote:Good day. I'm from Aberdeen in Scotland. Trying to distract from the referendum result with some brewing!
I think it's going to take quite a bit to distract anyone from the result, but brewing sounds like a the best way to start.
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Welcome Aboard imafan and MrLugz! See post #7490 from Shorepoints above for some great links to get you started. Lots of great info here and lots of friendly brewers to help you if you have questions.

Happy Brewing to you both!
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Hello all,
I'm John, a software engineer in Massachusetts. Came across biabrewer from I've done some extract brewing and am making to move to all grain. BIAB looks like a good step into all grain with minimal equipment needs.


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hi all

im a retired owner operator trucker.i had been trucking for 43 main hobby was HAM RADIO.i meet a fellow ham from belgium and we got to talking about beer!one thing led to another and i found out him and 4 other guys brew there own beer 100gal batches and have been for several years.they have a great looking setup.almost like a mini brewery.being retired i have limited income so i thought id start brewing my own i now have a new hobby set up in my HAM SHACK.i bought a kit from NORTHEREN BREWER.SO I DID THE BEER THAT CAAME WITH THE KIT BLOCK PARTY AMBER ALE OG=1.050 and fg=1.010 just before bottling.the beer has been the bottles for 7days i think i will open one on day 10 and see whats its like.

i live in north central kansas
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Welcome TAZ989

Wow, 100 gallon batches would be huge for a Homebrewer. Definitely more commercial in scope.

Let us know if you have any questions on BIAB and getting set up with equipment. There is actually plenty of assistance already posted on here, so let us know if any questions or issues finding it or you need any other help.
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My name is Hallvard and I come from Norway. I've been brewing for about 2 years - using biabacus right from the start. I came across the site while searching for info on biab brewing as it seemed to be a sensible way into homebrewing. When I don't brew I work full time as a IT service manager.

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Hallvard, welcome to the site!

Let us know if you have any questions... And perhaps with a couple years of experience, maybe you have the experience to assist some as well...? :think: :kisswink: Again, welcome!
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