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Hi all,

I fully plan on coming back to this post to update it with better detail. However due to it being 0211 hours on a Sunday evening and myself properly starting to stress with BIAB I'll keep it short.

1: From the bonny land that is Scotland.
2: Heard about this forum from another forum, so far the info seems vast, almost daunting, however the users appear to give bloody good answers to the questions...
3: I can't remember what the question was
4: I'm
Totally lost with the order of question now but my brewing history is basically 3 brew using extract tins however I have a burning desire to start with AG and BIAG looks like a great way to do this. Please help!

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Hello all, My name is Brad I'm from Muncie, IN USA. I'm fairly new to homebrewing, I have helped friends but am getting ready to start a BIAB setup on my own in a 15.5 gallon sankey keg.

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Welcome aboard kyle and Gonzo!

kyle - The info here is vast, and can be daunting at times but the search feature works fairly well if you are looking for something specific. If you can't find an answer feel free to ask, lots of helpful brewers here.

Gonzo - There are a few brewers around here using the same type of keggle setup, there is some info here somewhere on their setup / experiences that you may find useful, but you may haveto dig around / use the search to find it if needed.

A good place to start here for new brewers is the Clear Brewing Terminology thread, helps us all speak the same language :) have a read through that and grab yourselves a copy of BIABacus.

Happy Brewing!
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Hello, I am from Minneapolis MN USA. Heard about the site from basic brewing radio. I started brewing January 2016 with a one gallon starter kit from Northern Brewer. I Have done at least one beer a week since then. I have done 4 all grain batches and 2 have been brew in a bag. Really like the technique. Works well for my apartment. Hope to learn more about brew in a bag and really perfect the craft.

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Hi psychead and welcome aboard! Sounds like you are already well on your way. If you haven't already give the BIABacus a whirl, it is a great tool to help you perfect the craft as you put it :)

Happy Brewing!
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Hi, my name is Barbara and I live in Devon in the UK. Been brewing kits for about a year now, and just got a BIAB setup, so looking up recipes to get going. Hoping to do a nice hoppy IPA followed by a chocolate stout for the first couple of brews! Cheers!

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Hi, I'm from the Bay Area in California. A few months ago I brewed my first 5 gallon extract kit from the local homebrew store. I wanted more flexibility to experiment and room to screw up, so since then I've been brewing 1 gallon all grain batches with a strainer and batch sparging. BIAB seems like a great way to scale up to 2-3 gallons. I've seen this site mentioned on /r/homebrew and homebrewtalk, so I've come here for more specific advice and recipes. Cheers!

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Hi Barbs,
Welcome to the site. Make sure you take the time to search through the site - you will find plenty of great information and tested recipes (the upfront effort checking info on the site will go a long way). Download BIABacus and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Once you have selected a recipe feel free to post it, if you have questions.
Look forward to hearing about your first brew.
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Welcome ocreata! The bag takes the place of your strainer and if you read about full volume mashing, you will not have to sparge. Life becomes easier and the result will be good beer. What more can one ask? As suggested above - read, get the BIABacus, post your file, ask questions, brew on!
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I'm in the NW UK, been brewing extract kits for a while and fancy stepping up to all grain, found this site whilst searching for a calculator to help me plan for my first biab.

I work in IT, for my sins, but daydream about running a brewery/tap house. Maybe one day, but i'm under no illusons about how much work is involved.


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Hi glynn77, welcome aboard!

You have come to the right place for that 'calculator', its here and it goes by the name of BIABacus. It looks a bit daunting at first but it its really not too bad once you get used to it. Lots of posts and folks around here to help you do that.

Happy Brewing!
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Hi, I'm Bill (a/k/a "bluebear") from the Central Coast of California. I recently started brewing with extract and thought that would be all I could do until I could assemble a 3V system, which seemed complicated and expensive. Very excited to learn of an alternative that gets me into all grain with a lot less infrastructure. I'm working through the BIABacus and learning a lot just from playing with the numbers there. Have yet to do my first BIAB, but hope to within the next couple of weeks once I free up a fermenter. What I'm liking best about brewing so far -- other than the beer, of course -- is the camaraderie among brewers and the generous sharing of knowledge. I particularly like the tone of this forum and look forward to participating!

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Cheers Bill and sorry for the delay in approval. Some days are like that :drink:.

That's fantastic that you have been learning the BIABacus on your own :clap:. Just ask if you have any questions.

You'll find single-vessel, full-volume brewing an excellent way to brew all-grain. Many brewers who used to three-vessel brew have discontinued doing so in favour of BIAB as it is far easier and there is no quality loss.

Glad to hear you are enjoying the forum. The members here are excellent.

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brewjock wrote:Great site, I'm based in Canterbury, UK and have been using extract for a while now! Getting myself a Burco boiler and moving to BIAB... Looking forward to learning as I go and picking up loads of tips from you all!

Welcome from a fellow Kent based Brewer, Faversham
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I brewed my last beer 11 years ago with my neighbor who was a master brewer. Little did I know we were actually full grain BIABrewing.
Now I've got the bug, bought the equipment, and I'm ready to brew my first solo attempt. I'm going all grain for my first batch, IPA - my favorite. I'm overwhelmed by the amount of information out there. One thing i noticed is that the BIABacus is not easily found. Shouldn't there be a link at the top of the forums? In any case, thanks for sharing all the info to us beginners. :thumbs:
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Hmmm...I've been a (lurking) member since Sept. 2011 - it seems that somehow I missed doing this.

Hello World!

I'm a Homebrewer, currently based in Hamburg, Germany. My previous postings were Hanoi, Vietnam, and various places in China. I started homebrewing as an assistant to me mum, in the early 80's, in Melbourne, Victoria. (Was suspended from school for a few days once, Form 3, for drinking too much bottle fermented plum juice - I didn't now it was fermented, tasted good but!)

I mostly BIAB although I've used and recommended various other methods in the past. my current project is a 60l Copper (DDR-ish, steampunk-ish) Braumeister-like, manual control, kettle. It's got a couple of leak issues, and I still have to roll the malt pipe, but its slowly coming together.

I use Beersmith v.2 for recipe tracking and development, and find it somewhat limited in the BIAB area, so I'm interested in more info on fine tuning Beersmith for Biab recipe development. Cheers!

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Wyoracer: Would love to hear more on your experience 11 years ago - please let us know more! And, well done in jumping straight into all-grain. It is a lot more work than kit/extract brews but the results are far more predictable/flexible/forgiving.

Info can be overwhelming and often conflicting. This is one of the main reasons why this site began. You'll nearly always get the right info here but, with the current lay-out, it can often be hard to find (as you said with the BIABacus which is currently found in the thread called, BIABacus Pre-Release - Your First Impressions :dunno:). There are actually a lot more "pre-releases" after the current one but we want to get it right before dong a final release as it is so much work. In fact, a whole new site is currently being designed as that will be much easier than re-writing the current one.

Put your recip[e plan up on the site before you brew it though so as any problems can be identified before yo brew rather than after. That's the advantage of the site atm - you'll get individual attention!

TscTempest: What a great first post! Thanks for the detail and the entertainment :lol:.

This site helped a lot with Beersmith2 but, unfortunately, BeerSmith and other brewing programs are "static" in design (and, there are many problems with terminology as well). A static program gets you, the user, to guess/estimate all the brewing variables and changing them from recipe to recipe is extremely difficult. Whilst this is good for the program (everything in the program becomes very simple maths), it's not great for the brewer. In contrast...

This site came up with the first and only "dynamic" program where all the variables are estimated for you based on your equipment, procedure and the recipe you are brewing. It's currently called the BIABacus (see above for the link) and is "just" a spreadsheet. Other software, even though it is "static" spreads critical info across many tabs making it hard to follow. The BIABacus takes the risk of having all critical info on one sheet. It is a risk because, when the user opens it up, they think, "too much information," and may never open it again!

However, if you work through the BIABacus, you'll find there is a logical order to it and, that there is far less information needed to be inputted and in understanding it.

There are guides on Beersmith2 on this site, but they'll have pages written on one aspect that, with the BIABacus, you don't even have to worry about.

Anyway, back to your first post... when are you writing an autobiography? That would be a fascinating read I reckon ;),
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Hi everyone. Im Will. I'm a partial mash brewer and its time to go all grain and Ive decided to go for BIAB. I'm currently brewing on my stove top but my brew pot needs to be replaced. So I'm going to be purchasing a new kettle and then a burner. So I'll be on here for advice and sharing pictures. Any advice would be great!

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Hey Will

Welcome to the forum! I was in your shoes less than 2 years (and about 20 BIAB brews) ago...

Where are you from? I bought a 16 gallon brew pot. Normally I brew 5 gallon batches of beer that ranges from 1.048 to maybe 1.060 normally. So lighter to medium and occasionally heavy high OG beers. The most I've brewed is 9.5 gallon (into packaging / keg) of an APA around 1.052 OG / 5% ABV beer. But with the bigger pot you have ability to do bigger OG beers, or almost double batch if you want to. I almost went with a 10 gallon pot and I am SO glad I went bigger...

Anyhow, let us know a little more about what you want to do and one (or multiple) of us will jump in and provide some suggestions and advice. Again, welcome to the forum! :luck:
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Welcome, Will. Have a look around, reading as much as you can digest. Be sure to get the BIABacus and try it out - kettle dimensions are a very early and important thing. Purchase a little larger than you want, never smaller. My 40 cm tall X 35 cm diameter pot is almost big enough for what I do. :idiot:
Also, read about the bag material as a key component for success. Good luck, and ask questions when you have them.

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I'm from Michigan.
Stumbled on the site after going to BIAB instead of a 3 vessel system due to a friend that does BIAB.
I love the site, haven't fully utilized the spreadsheets here but copy the data and recalculate to what should work for my system.
I brewed extract for a year and a half and now BIAB for close to a year (don't brew in the winter so not too many brews yet, about 5 BIAB so far).
Yes I work

Just brewed the 'Old Speckled Hen' clone. I made the usual adjustment my efficiency being about 10% lower, and my efficiency came in way higher than expected. OG called for was 1.053, my OG was 1.070. So this will be an Old Speckled Cock. I am considering dry hopping it for a few days due to all the extra alcohol...will obviously change the beer quite a bit but that has already been done!

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Welcome WhatTheSchmidt,
You can Download "BIABACUS" at

and get "The BIABacus - Help" at

and read the "Clear Brewing Terminology (CBT)"

This spreadsheet will save you time from scaling the recipe.

That "10% Efficiency Loss" is a Myth, BIABACUS will give you great Efficiency. Really.
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Howdy! Pretty new to brewing only a couple of extract kits and a partial mash and some mead. The partial mash experience has me wanting to move to BIAB. Ive done a mix of 5gallon and 1 gallon and I can see in my future doing small batches to work on a recipe or finding styles and recipes I like them bumping them to 5gallons. The idea of BIAB appeals to me for the ease and less initial cost to get into AG as my desire for better beer increases.
Im in NE Texas, retired from the Air Force and hopefully soon to be retired again and moving to our farm land and enjoying brewing, fishing and farming full time!


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