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Hello, bidalo, and welcome to the forum.
Your enthusiasm and ambition are admirable. Let us know how the Belgian turns out - in about 6 weeks when it has mellowed out. The hardest part of brewing beer is the waiting. Drink a bottle sooner than two weeks after bottling has always made me think that I wasted that one compared to 4 weeks out. Of course, this may not apply to those who ferment using Kveik yeasts
Ask questions when you have them ans someone will get back to you.

Hey, jtmcdermott welcome to the forum (and Connecticut, too, as that's my home - see my pic next to this post).
Your machinist skills will make your set-up for brewing something special but it doesn't have to be complicated when using BIAB. Get the process down before adding stuff you may choose to remove later. I have a tap on my kettle, but read some posts in this forum from years ago that recommended going without - you get to decide things like that. With your HR experience, perhaps you will find that yeasts are like employees. They will do the job you want if you treat them well enough.

Brew on.

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