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cwier60 wrote:Rick, it sounds like you pitched an adequate amount of yeast, but I can attest that oxygenation really helps. I got an oxygenation system a few months ago and have seen a marked improvement in my fermentations. Given a healthy pitch, the recommendation I would make is to add the sugar a few days into the fermentation after krausening. Jamil Z often recommends this for drying out Belgian tripels, quads, or "imperial" saisons. Really should be no different for any HG brew. The simple sugars really help out the tired yeast, whereas if those simple sugars are in the boil and the initial fermentataion, then the yeast has a tendency to ferment the simple sugars first, resulting in a higher FG because they "give up" after the easy pickings.
Very good, i'm looking into an aeration setup now. Been a long time coming. I wanted to grab a stir plate and flask next, but I think this jumped ahead on the priority list considering I still use a large amount of dry yeast. I can wait until late next year for the starter setup.

Nice to also have the confirmation this sugar strategy is standard practice for some styles. I had searched out Dogfish Head 120 minute IPA clones, just to see what they did to achieve the 18% ABV, and it seemed everyone was in agreement with this method (probably from experience brewing the types you mention).
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Mad_Scientist wrote:Isn't a 0.5 micron stone typically used for pure O2?
I've read that many who try .5 micron switch to the 2 micron, but I really have no idea how common either is. The kit at my LHBS is 2 micron.
I may be out of my Mind.....Will an Aquarium air pump work?????" onclick=";return false; ... 2975471011

My yeast like Nitrogen also.
I've read here that you really can't get above 8ppm with aquarium pump, and the high gravity brews need more than that." onclick=";return false; ... techniques
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I opened one of these last night at the 2 week mark. It was easy to convince myself, because I'm worried they might have over-carbonated. Nope!


Drinking the hydro sample was brutal on bottling night, but only a little bit of that "green" flavor remains. It should be completely gone by next week.

Excellent beer, and not too heavy a drink either. Went down fast, alcohol well hidden ... which almost seems too much to ask for finishing on the high side (1.018).

Perfecting this beer is going to be a lot of fun. :love:

Label below. I stole a picture of a toolbox hasp from halfway downthis page, made it into a plaque of sorts ... and worked my logo into it.
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Beautiful label. You've got some skill there.
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Update. Nothing about processing here, just recipe notes.

I won't be using Turbinado again for anything in the pale ale style, that's for sure. Hop aromas are dying down a bit now, and the turbinado flavors are coming through bit more than expected.

Most comments I have seen around forums, consensus says up to 10% gives subtle molasses/brown sugary flavor. I wouldn't call it potent, but it's not subtle at all at 7%. Instead of adding a flavor layer, seems to be battling everything else in the mix.

Some might like it, but I'll save that layer of flavor for a barley wine (which is kinda what this beer turned into, anyway .. with the lower attenuation).

Dextrose from here on out, for this recipe.

I used Avery Maharaja's grain bill as a template for this, but substituted Crystal 80 to cut down on raisiny flavors a little. Next time I'll likely go with caramunich, or even my tried and true caravienne. Still pretty raisiny with the C80.
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