Shelf cooler line balancing

Post #1 made 3 years ago
I've been using my Keezer happily, although I did take some time to balance my lines etc...!

I have just picked up a cheap shelf cooler (Maxi 210) and will set it it up in a little bar that can be wheeled into the garden for BBQ,s. It will consist of a countertop with cooler under on a shelf and barrel under that all within 500mm of each other!

Question there issues with line balancing or formulas related to how long the python line ( insulated beer line) needs to be for one of these?


Post #3 made 3 years ago
Yes I had found that one....the issue is with the cooler there is x amount of line that runs through the ice bath so not sure if I have to take that into account?

I might just hook it up and see wht happens? Will let you know how it goes!

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